DNA Testing Review with Dnomium

DNA Testing with Gentiqo

The day is finally here and I got my DNA test results from Dnomium. 6 weeks after I’d sent my sample back to their lab in New York, via the pre-paid return envelope, I received an email notifying me that my results were available. My feeling is that getting my …

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Creating Strong Customer Persona

Customer Persona

Customer personas are very important for successful marketing. Your marketing strategy should consist of creating a strong customer personas. “Customer” isn’t a word only, it’s not just a thought, and it’s an existent being. Hence, knowing more about your brand followers on Instagram, their changing needs, wants, and demands, are …

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The 6 Best Cooking Apps

6 Best Cooking Apps

Mobile phones have become part of our daily lives and we carry them wherever we go. So, are you ready to use them in your kitchen? Cooking is always a fun and a necessary hobby. We all need food to stay alive and sustain our lives. However, at times, it …

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