Sports Science and Technology Trends

Sports Science and Technology Trends

It’s understandable to think that sports science is changing the industry’s landscape.

After all, it’s all about data on technique, endurance and performance nowadays. Teams and organizations are getting a leg up in the competition by utilizing and making the most of technology.

Here are some of the latest tech trends and sports science of 2020.

Injury Recovery Systems

Cryotherapy. We see players wrapping their body parts in ice bags to minimize inflammation and injury. Though it sounds crude, lower temperatures can actually hasten recovery and healing in the joints, muscles and general soreness.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Similar to cryotherapy hyperbaric systems promote faster healing by artificially making the environment richer in oxygen. As the athlete spends time in the chamber, his or her lungs get more than the usual oxygen which spreads around the body.

Compression. In particular, leg compression boots use compressed air to mobilize fluids in the limb and massage it at the same time.

Comprehensive Analytics

In every sport, preventing or lowering the likelihood of an injury is paramount. Thus, most of tech advancements go toward this field of sports science.

Comprehensive analytics play an important role in this regard. Sensors placed in the athlete’s clothing can observe body performance that’s not easily seen by the naked eye. Coaches will be able to see if movement or swings are optimized, then recommend a better way to minimize muscle wear and tear.

Analytics can also determine if an athlete is prone to a particular injury. The 스포츠토토 same tech can be used to map out a workout plan to reduce the risk as much as possible.

Sweat Analysis

Smart patches are now being developed to read a player’s sweat and glean information from it.

Health signs can be monitored, including levels of lactate, protein, potassium, sodium and more. Others can read vital signs such as temperature, heart rate and respiration.

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