The Parent’s Spy Guide to Phone Monitoring

by Haider Ali Khan 0

The Parent's Spy Guide to Phone Monitoring

Installing a spy app on your kid’s phone can be a matter of putting it in when they’re not looking. However, letting your child know and setting expectations could be the better move.

Here’s a quick guide on child phone monitoring.

Set the Rules

Before installing a spy phone app, it may be best to sit down with your child and discuss the reasons why you’re doing it. They may not take it well when they find out by that you’re snooping on them on their own.

Your tone should be firm and such that you’re not asking them for permission. Set ground rules and boundaries so they will understand- more often than not they’ll follow them.

Provide Some Leeway

It’s not healthy to be an overprotective parent, both for you and your child’s sake. Respect your child’s space and allow them to do what other normal teenagers or pre-teens do, and remind them when what they’re doing is wrong before blocking access.

Set some time per week to check your spy phone’s dashboard to see if anything is out of the ordinary. Only break this rule when there’s an emergency, such as a missing phone or when they’re not back home after curfew.

Get the Best Spy App 

Last but not the least you’ll want a spy app that has all the features you need. Consider Spyfone, a top-rated spy app for Android and iOS devices.

Features such as being able to see incoming and outgoing calls and messages in apps, social media and SMS will be very useful. Also, geo-fencing and GPS tracking will let you see where they are at any moment. Setting limits on what websites they can see and screen time are staple features as well.

Parents will need all the help they can get in this fast-paced world. A spy phone app provides an excellent solution to keeping your family members safe.