5 Reasons to Use Hidden Cameras for Surveillance

5 Reasons to Use Hidden Cameras for Surveillance

Hidden cameras are different from traditional CCTV cameras in a number of ways, and are excellent additions to any surveillance system.

Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate a spy camera to your home or office:

Smaller and Easily Disguisable

The primary reason for getting a camera spy is that it’s smaller than most and can be hidden in just about any corner without too much trouble.

Its use is incredibly versatile- you can use it in the office to catch unsuspecting employees and customers, at home for nannies and family members and outside to capture videos of burglars and intruders.


Hidden cameras have evolved to the point where they only activate when there’s motion and therefore can last longer. In the same vein, storage is used more wisely as is the battery life.

Better Features

High end spy cameras now operate without needing wires or a power source. Some will have rechargeable batteries that can last days or even weeks.

HD videos and up to 4K footage is a common feature. Furthermore, most surveillance devices come with an app so you can view videos remotely.


The reliability of hidden cameras are not just for the material and lifespan- they’re closed circuit, which means there’s very little chance of hacking and tampering.

These devices will usually have weatherproofing features and can detect heat signature and movement even in low light conditions.


Spy cameras can be integrated into a larger network when needed. It can be added into other security devices, such as a video doorbell or a smoke alarm, for example. Connect them to WiFi and you unlock several more features that can prove to be very useful.

Hidden cameras are an essential part of any surveillance equipment, whether it be at home or business. It’s made to last, is small enough to hide and is packed with features.

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