How to grow your commercial cleaning business?

by Haider Ali Khan 0

How to grow your commercial cleaning business?

Starting a commercial cleaning company is not a piece of cake. It takes a countless amount of hard work and dedication to build and grow your cleaning business when the market is already flooded with a pool of companies offering commercial cleaning services. In the cleaning business community, delivering great quality services is not simply enough. Not only you have to find your position in the market but also you have to build a strong reputation for your company, which will help you increase your clients exponentially.

To expand your business, you need to do a little research and put in some groundwork to build a strong customer base and you might run into some good ideas that can turn useful for your business. Though there are various ways to grow your cleaning business, you can use some tips to reach your business goals drastically.

Discover your interested niche                                                                                                                 

The industry of cleaning services offers a wide range of niches which you can find interesting to work with it. Just find the right niche that matches your skills and interests to outshine among other commercial cleaning services. You may either choose to use organic cleaning products to support green cleaning or you can emphasize to provide residential cleaning services along with running extra errands.

Pursue new approaches

To grow your cleaning business, so you have to always pursue new approaches to build and grow the network of your clients and promote your commercial cleaning services. Few useful ways to develop new leads contain:

  • Use of social media to build and connect with your potential clients online
  • Gather your clients’ contact information through forms on the website
  • Make cold calls to your possible clients in your area

Keep your customers happy

Keeping your clients happy and satisfied is the motto of any business. A little extra hard work in your business can make you win the customers over other competitors. By checking in with your customers regularly and sending them routine updates about promotions help to gain the trust of your clients. Moreover, sending birthday wishes and offering coupons and discounts also allow them to engage with your services.

Taking the right charges

Various commercial cleaning companies underestimate their services. If your charges are too high, then you won’t find enough customers asking for your services and if your charges are too low, then you might not have enough revenue to expand your business. Instead of reducing your cleaning charges to attract clients, add some value to your services with special benefits and coupons that won’t bother the customers to pay more.

Reinvest your profits

When expanding your cleaning business, it is important to reinvest your profits on the essential items of the company. To step up your business in the cleaning industry, then you will be required to spend money on new cleaning equipment and buy vehicles and its maintenance to make the cleaning and travel hassle-free. Moreover, you need to focus on better branding to increase your customers.


Any sudden accidents can cause a severe impact on your business. Having an insurance-safety helps to protect you from finances like property damage, vehicular accidents or workers compensation. The bigger your cleaning business becomes, the more vital insurance protection becomes. So, review the various insurance policy to pick the right protection scheme for your business.


The cleaning industry is way too competitive and thriving your business in this cut-throat competition is challenging. However, if you follow the above-mentioned secrets, then you can have the upper hand over other cleaning competitors.