How To Avoid Getting Your Online Sportsbook Hacked

by Haider Ali Khan 0

How To Avoid Getting Your Online Sportsbook Hacked

Online sports betting is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Back in the day, bettors would have to visit their local land-based casino to place their bets relating to Nascar odds and the likes. Nowadays, technology has made it possible for bettors to place endless bets right in the comfort of their homes or while on the go. So, sports betting has now become convenient and this is what keeps attracting more bettors to doing this the virtual way.

With the shift moving towards virtual means to get things done, more and more people are also becoming victims of online hacking. Though some may believe that not much can be done on the account holder’s end to prevent this, this remains untrue. In this article, we will be providing you with a few easy hacks that you can implement to avoid the chances of getting your sportsbook account compromised. Stay reading for more.

Make Sure You Install An Antivirus Software

Generally speaking, hackers tend to target bettors that seem to have a lot of money to steal. This way, these online gamblers tend to become victims of phishing schemes and cyber attacks. As a bettor, the best thing you can do in cases like these is to protect your hardware against malware as you’re going about your activity on the internet.

The moment your device has been affected due to malware, the hacker will be able to steal your personal information, infiltrate your sports betting account, and freeze your data. For this reason, always make sure that you keep your antivirus software updated at all times.

Avoid Using Public WiFi

We know it’s rather beneficial on your end to use public WiFi to access your sports betting account, however, try to avoid this by all means necessary. This is because using public WiFi to access your account could put you at risk of having your privacy rights compromised. And this is quite simple to do since the public network is accessible to several other people at the same time.

The moment a hacker is able to hack into your account, they will be able to intercept your data and steal all information relating to your username and password with any site that you will be visiting. To prevent this, use a private WiFi network or try your mobile data as well.

Gamble On Trustworthy Sites

Often, sportsbook hacks aren’t just attacking one person. They tend to target all customers who have registered on the site putting them all at risk of experiencing a cyber attack. To avoid this, restrict your browsing usage to options that will only allow you access to secure websites. It’s even better if the site has an SSL certificate that will help to encrypt all data as it goes between the server and browser.

Make Constant Withdrawals

Always remember that hackers like to attack accounts that they see to have the most money. Though you may have the option to allow your winnings to accumulate first before withdrawing, this is certainly a misconception that needs to be corrected. When you leave your winnings in your account, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to experiencing potential attacks.

Try to make as many withdrawals as possible because the moment a hacker is able to breach the site that you’re betting on, all your money can get stolen and withdrawn from your account with no way for you to retrieve the money.

Create Strong Passwords

Weak and repetitive passwords make it very easy for hackers to figure your password out, putting you at potential risk of having your money stolen. This truth is also applicable to easy-to-guess security questions since hackers can find their answers just by doing a quick Google search.

Having a strong password would include incorporating the following:

  • Symbols
  • Numbers
  • Upper and lower case letters

It’s advisable that you change your passwords every 3 months. We also advise against using a password that’s the same as another password that you’re using on another account. This is even if you have more than one sports betting account. The moment your account gets hacked, the hacker will have access to all your information and could potentially withdraw your payouts.