3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Router

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Router

Still using the default wifi router that came with your internet service? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade. Here are three reasons why you should get a new router device for gaming.


Old routers will not have the same range as the newer models. Technology has made the antennas and broadcasts farther than ever, which means problems such as dead spots and out-of-range areas in your house become moot.

You don’t have to upgrade to the latest or most expensive router to enjoy strong wifi signals. Today’s devices are reasonably priced, and you can add a mesh or two seamlessly when you need a stronger signal in a particular area, such as your home office for instance.


Latency, ping and lag are important aspects to consider when playing online games. You could be enjoying a round of your favorite slots game สล็อต but at a crucial moment you might miss out on the chance to win a massive cash prize. The same goes for competitive play such as in tournaments or when you’re playing against other people on the internet.

New routers can reduce latency and ping by prioritizing your device as needed. If wired gaming is not possible then you can change the settings so you get download and upload speed faster than the other devices in your home.

Number of Devices

Lastly, if you have ten or more devices that are connected to your wifi network then you should definitely consider upgrading.

Network congestion can slow things down and make it so that your online gaming experience will be sub-par. Newer routers can handle more than a dozen or so devices simultaneously and are smart enough to determine which devices need more bandwidth than most.

Upgrading becomes a must if you or other members of your family constantly play online games, watch streaming shows or videos on Netflix.

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