Should You Enter Private Details in Online Game Registration? Should you or should you not enter your personal details on an account creation page for an online game? Here are rules you can follow to make sure you don’t get scammed. Is the Website or Platform Legit? An online game that promises millions in jackpot may be too good to be true, and it most likely is. The case on whether the game is fake or not will be apparent if it asks for your personal or financial data the moment you click on ‘register’. As such, it’s best to stick to reputable platforms. In online casinos, you can check out GClub, which is an established internet casino that offers real games and prizes. Registration is free and you can enjoy the plethora of games it has. Did You Check Online Reviews? Online reviews are a litmus test to see if a particular game site is fake or not. You can usually see these reviews if you look up the game or app on the App Store or Play Store, on game library programs such as Steam or at the Playstation Store. Online games on these platforms are usually okay to download and register as you won’t need to enter your personal data. Red flags include a lot of one-star reviews and comments that the game is fake. Does It Seem Shady or Full of Errors? Real online game sites will have the decency to provide users and players with a well-designed website that’s clean and without any typographical errors. They know that these things are a no-no and reduce user trust, which means they won’t get as much sales or revenue. So, make sure that the website is free of spelling issues and that it looks official. If it seems shady, then it might be better to trust your gut and exit the page immediately.

Three Important Elements of a Good Online Game

There are hundreds of online games you can play but only a finite amount of time to try them all. As such, it’s best to learn how to recognize a good game from a mediocre one.

Here are 3 key elements you should look for.


Gameplay is the activity or the things you do inside the game. In general, you complete ‘actions’, such as match same-colored blocks or eliminate the opposition to get to the next level. For a game to be good it has to offer a variety of interesting things within mechanics.

A good online game will have compelling gameplay that will hook you in the moment you enter. You’ll know this once you play for half an hour and see no reason to discontinue playing.

Graphics and Audio

Gameplay might be king when it comes to games but there’s still graphics and audio to consider.

Graphics is the art style you see in-game, while audio is the elements you hear, including music. At the very least the graphical art and detail has to be attractive to the eye and not crudely made, or else it tends to turn people away.

Music and sound effects may seem like an after-thought but they create an atmosphere as well.

Zero Bugs and Glitches

An online game has to have zero glitches or bugs, or else people will not want to play it.

For a game to be successful it has to work seamlessly and make for a great user experience. In the case of an online casino game it has to work, and all the mechanics have to fall in line as planned. GClub is a shining example of a platform with great online casino games- the gameplay is immersive, the graphics are updated and players won’t likely encounter bugs as they play.

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