Difference in gaming experience for Mobiles & PC users

Difference in gaming experience for Mobiles & PC users

Where should we play games? On PCs or mobile phones? All these questions are circulating in the gaming market and many gaming giants are trying to manipulate results through rumors. 

Talking about the statistics of the total users, we can’t decide which one is preferred by the public and what are the reasons. Because the total population has been divided equally. 

Although there are strong arguments that appear from both sides, gaming players are confused about what to choose. For instance, mobile users like to play games because they can start any game anywhere without worrying about the wifi and electricity. 

On the other hand, PC gamers are happy to enjoy their favorite games such as Judi online on the big screens with proper sounds and graphic effects. Another solid argument is that they can install any game that takes more space and gives a real experience of characters. 

User convenience

This question can be answered by a ten years old kid with which platform is easy and convenient to use. The mobile users can download any game of their choice from any corner of the world within a few minutes without getting worried about their credit cards.

On the other hand, people who use to play games like the personal computer have to set a separate room for their gaming hobby and need full privacy to focus on the games. This is the only reason the game developers are focusing more on making android gaming apps that are lighter and easy to use. 

Quality of graphics

As we have seen a gradual increase in mobile users over the last two decades, the quality of graphics has also taken to the next level for the better gaming experience. A recent study found that mobile games have been updated more than once in a month to maintain the standards.

Talking about the personal computers, the graphics and the backgrounds in the games has no comparison with the android because they come with a complete package.The games like Judi online and Fortnite will be more satisfactory if played on the PCs. 

Cost of fun

“You’ll only get what you pay for”, is a perfect phrase to compare the price for mobile and PCs gamers. It’s clear that there is no cost of downloading a game from the play store or Apple store but to access high-end features and benefits in the game, you’ve to pay up to some extent. 

On the other hand, many people are using the cracked version of many games that are pretty expensive to buy for a teenager or a college student. Once you get that version, you’ll have access to the current and updated features of the games 100% free. 


By giving it a final note, we can say that mobile and PC games have their own advantages and disadvantages depending upon the circumstances. One can only analyze their importance by the number of users on a particular platform.

But one thing is for sure that the coming days are going to be hard for the game developers because they have to decide to select their side due to neck-breaking competition. 

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