You won’t believe that these games are free to play on PCs

by Haider Ali Khan 0

You won’t believe that these games are free to play on PCs

Although we’re living in the cell phone era and don’t have enough time to start our PC and then booked a separate room to play a game. But as far as the user experience is concerned as of playing a video game despite the fact it’s online or offline, 6 out of 10 players opted to play on their PC using Xbox and joysticks. 

The total number of video gamers is more than 3 billion human beings out of which more than 1.50 billion people play their dearest games using personal computers instead of androids or IOS devices. 

Due to the storage capacity and graphics display, a PC is the best choice to play games like Login Sbobet and many other heavy games to run smoothly without any pauses. Let’s discuss in detail what are the best PC games you can get free of cost.

Destiny 2: New light

If your PC has enough space in the hard drive then Destiny 2 has a lot of things to offer you free of cost. Although it takes almost 68 GB space in the CPU it’ll be worth the space as well. 

Basic characters and features are free and as a beginner, you can play around with them to learn more about the game and then invest in the game to get access to other features. This game has been downloaded more than 100 million times and stands as the first choice for the game lovers.

Blade and soul

We love fiction and martial arts techniques. That’s the reason Avengers: End game has become the world’s best movie to earn more than $2 billion around the world. Blade and soul is a kind of game that will take you to the world of fantasy with its fictionist patterns.

It’s designed to satisfy your ego and won’t waste your time taking you to the next level. The graphic experience is very near to reality and you’ll be able to create a bond between you and character in the game.  


The wait is over for the action lovers who’re waiting for something to cheer about. The Fortnite is a game like PUBG and The Leagues of the legends that can snatch your sleepings with its psychological tricks in the games.

It’s also called a social hub for musical performances, virtual dates, and trailer debuts for the newbies all over the world. The success factor for this game is a particular challenge of saving the world that hooks its players to be loyal to the game throughout his gaming career.   

Dota 2

What else do you need to start playing this game for free when it has 4.5-star ratings? In this game, you’ll get a character with unique weapons, bullets, and heavy aersonals to take to the battlefield for landing your team a victory. 

It’s not as hard to play as it appears by name but obviously, you have to learn the basics to master the game within a few hours. 

In this pandemic, try not to waste your money while we have enlisted free of cost games for you and your kids. Save your money to survive in this hard time. Another best source to generate money from gaming is to play Login Sbobet.