How to Play Android Games on your PC

How to Play Android Games on your PC

One thing that you’ll hate about the free games; it has in-purchase ads that always pop-up when you’re just about to reach your final target. This is not the end, you’ll be annoyed by these apps while opening other apps too that have collaborated with the marketing agencies to promote their products and services. 

Do you know that 94% of apps on Google’s play store have in-game ads? So how can you play games like Situs judi online without getting interrupted by the endless ads, bonus videos, and other in-app purchases? 

So what if we tell you to shift your gaming habits from your android devices to your personal computers to get unlimited entertainment? Yes, that’s true. You can play any android game on your PC by following our mentioned tools and tricks. Sounds great! Let’s explore.

Emulator method

As its name implies, it’s the easiest method to convert mobile app experience into the PC. Although there are several other choices available, we’ve chosen BlueStacks. It’s so because BlueStacks only focuses on mobile games alone. 

It’s six times faster than Samsung Galaxy (S9+) and more than a billion games are played on the platform every month. You just need to download the target game from the play store and then install it.

Now, you’re all set to experience the same Situs Judi online on the PC without any lags. You may get more control and features over the game as compared to the android version. 

NOX player

Nox Player is an example of an emulator to download from the Nox player website and install to start playing your most treasured games. It’s like other emulators and can run Android 8.0 and give you full control to download games and apps from the play store.  

The Nox Player has the same interface as you’d see on an Android tablet or an albeit. The landing page opens with some pre-installed apps and tools. The navigation comes with back, home, and recent apps inserted in the bottom right corner. 

The next step is to sign up with your Google account and start downloading anything you may want to. It can be an app, game, or movie of your interests.  

Adding extensions to your browser

This method is for those who didn’t understand our emulator method, it’s observed that fake borderlines and a and a contrasting set of pixels in an emulator can ruin the gaming fun. Therefore, use the Chrome browser to download an extension called Arc welder to play Situs Judi online without any interruption.

It’s suggested because sometimes your PC RAM is not strong or big enough to store a game that consists of a 100+ GB package. Therefore, you can enjoy the same android game by using Chrome, Firefox or any other browser you may have installed on your PC.  

All over experience on using a Chrome extension wasn’t that much different than of the emulator or mobile app. Nevertheless, the experience for Chrome OS systems will be far better than Windows.  

We hope this article will add more fun to your gaming habits and provide you uninterrupted entertainment. 

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