Opening A Coffee Shop? Here's The Checklist of The Must-have Equipment

Opening A Coffee Shop? Here’s The Checklist of The Must-have Equipment

If you are opening a new coffees shop or a café, it may be confusing for you to think thoroughly about the items that you need and you don’t. Entire process may be very overwhelming too. From bean grinders to storage products, there are so many things that you have to buy. The entire setting up process is tedious and time consuming. Forgetting one crucial item can lead to some of the adverse effects. As the opening date is rolling in, it is important for you to make a list of things that you should have. Here is the check list of the equipment that is needed for opening a coffee shop.

High Quality Espresso Machine

Most of the typical coffee drinks that your customers order will have an element of Espresso; it can be just Espresso or a combination of steamed milk and Espresso. In such situations you need an excellent Espresso machine. Unfortunately the market is filled with high priced Espresso machines. If you want a good quality one, you have to invest some amount. So be careful while choosing the Espresso machine.

POS software

Billing is important for any business and you have to ensure that it happens in a timely manner. The POS Software will help you with this billing. It makes the entire invoicing process simple and also stores the data which will help in future. This is a smart investment which automates the billing and payment processes with ease.

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

The standard black coffee accounts for more than 30 percent of your store’s sales and it is important to invest in a good and reliable automatic drip coffee maker. You have to choose a coffee maker that is capable enough to produce high quantity of coffee per day and is quick enough to meet the demands of busiest times of the store (mornings usually). The maker should be large enough to produce huge batches of coffee at once with ease.

Industrial Coffee Grinder

Most of the coffee shops out there keep the underground beans in their inventory so that they can brew the coffee freshly from the beans right away. You have to add a coffee grinder to your check list because it is going to aid your café in so many ways. The right grinder will play a very crucial role in the coffee shops.

Refrigeration System

When you open your own coffee shop it is important for you to keep your food and diary products fresh all the time. Refrigerators are needed in this situation. You have to make sure that the refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing and go with the design of the workshop. There are so many types of refrigerators available in the market and it won’t be so hard for you to find the right one that will perfectly suit your café.

Inventory Software

The coffee shop won’t run properly without efficient management of the inventory. Inventory is the basic requirement of coffee shop and it is mandatory to keep a check on it all the time. The inventory software will help you in this process. You can keep a check on all the products that you have in your inventory at any time and any place and you will also get notifications at times which helps you in refilling the products whenever over.


This is another important part of a coffee shop that most of the people don’t give much of a thought. If you want to sell some coffee mugs, bulk coffee and other equipment in your café so that you can make some additional money, then the shelves are important. Even if you are not interested in selling anything, having shelves will help you.

These are some of the must have things in your checklist.

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