Examining the Newer Tech Hub Cities Around the Globe

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Examining the Newer Tech Hub Cities Around the Globe

In the 21st century, no other industry has boomed quite like the technology sector. A rise in technologies like personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and so many more Internet-based items has made the industry the century’s greatest achievement. Throughout the developed world there has been an incredible surge in the rise of technology hub cities, in order to supply the immense demand for hi-tech products. While the Silicon Valley area in the United States has traditionally been the go-to location for companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe, and so many others, the rest of the world has burgeoning tech hubs as well. Examining these cities and their rise is imperative to understanding the tech industry as a whole.

Berlin, Germany

Always at the forefront of all things forward-thinking, it is no surprise that Berlin tops this list for global tech hubs. Berlin is considered one of the top technology cities in all of Europe and it will only continue to surge in as time progresses. There is a myriad of startups throughout Berlin, making it a true area for tech entrepreneurs to stake their claim. The city has a much lower cost of living than other areas in Europe, such as London, making it more attractive to investors as well as tech innovators. Seeing where Berlin goes in the next decade will certainly be interesting, as it is truly a major technology hub. 

Dallas-Fort Worth, United States

While the United States already has itself cemented as a technology-forward country by having areas like Silicon Valley and New York City, there are still other burgeoning tech cities throughout the vast nation, such as Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas. Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the largest metro areas in the southern USA and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing startup cities in the country. The numerous startups, as well as the city’s advanced technological infrastructure have made it so the city of Dallas-Fort Worth is a true tech hub. Some of the infrastructure improvements include “smart” streetlights to combat climate change, the installment of environmental sensors, as well as additions to the city’s transportation hubs, such as the implementation of a parking service at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Shenzhen, China

One of the top rising tech-cities in Asia is Shenzhen in China. This major eastern tech city is slightly different than other global tech cities. It has traditionally been home to more copy-catting of technologies but has recently become a major hardware hub. This major Chinese city, with a population of over 12 million people, builds technology quickly and has truly cemented itself as a tech hub in recent years. 

Final Thoughts

The world is changing, and it is doing so at an incredibly fast pace. Technology is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and is constantly being updated every day. Numerous technology hubs throughout the world are burgeoning every day, and Berlin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Shenzhen are just a few of these incredible cities that are poised to make a huge change as the world moves forward!