How to find the best Marketing Automation Software

How to find the best Marketing Automation Software

When you are managing a business, taking some time out for marketing is not easy. This is why automation tools have become a necessity for businesses. Marketing Automation tools are precisely what will save you time while bringing you more business than before.

Here are some of the top features of a Marketing Automation tool,

Email Marketing

Marketing for your business today can’t be done without emails. It remains the most effective platform for communicating with your customers. Email marketing covers many features that can get you the desired results for your business.

Advanced email marketing tools can provide functions such as sending a follow-up email after the client has taken a particular action, by allowing to click on the link provided in the email or signing up on the company website. The tool is quite equipped to send a mass number of personalized emails to your respective clients.

Lead management

Marketing automation software offers tools to measure, analyze, and optimize different marketing strategies that can convert your potential client to paying customers. MA tools provide you with the expected ROI from a particular client by tracking customer behavior, email engagement, shares, and likes on social media.

The software can also prepare a lead database similar to CRM that can help optimize marketing content for the right target audience. The company can prioritize leads based on their potential to convert to paying customers. The platform can also offer additional data such as demographic information, website activity, past purchases, and prior interaction with the company.

Social Marketing

MA (Marketing Automation) tools offer you the support of managing your social media accounts from one place. The platform keeps track of data such as how many users are engaging with your post, how many likes are there, or how many comments people make on your post. These all can provide you with feedback on how your users engage with your service and what improvement they would like to see.

Other social media features include the ability to schedule posts to your various accounts, also creating polls about your product, which can increase the user’s engagement and, in turn, generate a new lead for you.

In social media, you can’t just post your content and wait that someone will view your excellent post, and then you’ll have a potential paying client. This is where a personalized message helps. A personalized message gives a unique touch. An MA tool provides the capability to message the user directly, lending it a more personal touch, which, in turn, helps the user to know your brand in a better way.

Online Marketing

You may find that managing online promotion with free or best of breed tools is sufficient, but it’s simply not the case. See today, everyone has been doing SEO, paid marketing, digital marketing, and many more such things, but if you want to stay ahead of your competition and grow your business, then you need to focus extensively on your customer base.

Marketers are finding increasing success by retargeting campaigns and other multi-channel campaigns, which gives the data where the users have been spending their time. This way you can provide the customer with relevant search results based on their taste.

Analytics and Reports

Keeping track of all the analytics data from online and social media marketing is just as important as the campaigns themselves. Most businesses out there use Google Analytics for tracking their website analytics because it is free and powerful.

Make sure that your marketing automation can integrate properly with your website analytics tool. The integrated analytics tool can provide you with reports of website traffic, conversions, and ROI of all the marketing campaigns you’ve been running.

Apart from the website, there will be other platforms that will need your attention to the analytics reports. While most MA software provides you with tools for email and content marketing, you will want to analyze your campaigns from your social media platforms, as well.

Some of the best MA tools out there

Salesoar is a solution for creating and managing efficient marketing campaigns for your business. Saslesoar offers integration with popular ecommerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Magento.

Hubspot Marketing Hub brings all your marketing together in one place. It has tools landing pages, automation, and analytics that can grow your traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Active Campaign offers campaign marketing tools, sales, and CRM data management, email marketing, and workflow automation. You can also send and receive messages to customers while keeping track of their preferences on the other side.


Sure, choosing the right Marketing Automation Software takes a lot of effort and time. You have to see it has the right integrations, needed features, and there are many other boxes that you need to check. You can use the product review sites to help you select the best possible solution. Needless to say, MA software is one of those softwares that will make your revenue growing like never before.

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