How To Hire the Best Web Developers

How To Hire the Best Web Developers

When considering adding a web developer to your arsenal in 2020, three vital questions likely come to mind; why you should hire one, what to avoid when trying and what to actually look for during the process.

The old, classic saying once went, “never judge a book by its cover,” and that couldn’t be any truer than when it comes to trying to hire a web developer for your website or small business.

As the digital face of your brand, and your customer’s biggest resource for connecting (and spending) with your business, it’s pertinent that your website is professionally made, monitored, and properly maintained; just as you would allow and ensure if you were running a traditional brick and mortar business location.

But the fact is that there are thousands of developers out there that see your project as nothing more than an easy way to make a few quick dollars. Therefore, it’s important to put some serious thought into who you’re going to hire freelance developer for your next project.

So to make the journey and process of hiring a web developer less difficult and more beneficial, here are a few criteria to avoid.

Lowballers and “Cheapest Rate” Offers

Experienced developers understand how much they’re worth, and those who have taken the time to build on their professional education and experience aren’t about to sling their portfolios just to be your lowest bidder.

“You get what you pay for” ultimately applies to this process a majority of the time, and those who fall for the low-budget bids often end up needing to pay extra to fix what was submitted to them so cheaply done, (in)complete with cut corners and broken code.

CMS-Less Development

Imagine buying a house that had no rooms or capability of having storage; no drawers, no cupboards, no garages, no sheds, not even a cubby or a crawlspace.

You wouldn’t be able to manage any of your personal belongings and everything would be laying all over the place.

But that’s, unfortunately, what you’d get with a web developer who doesn’t include a built-in Content Management System (CMS) with their website offerings.

Making any edits in the present or future becomes much more tedious and difficult without further back and forth with the developer, pending their availability and cost.

Therefore, it’s best to just stay clear of this major red flag.

Full Pay Or No Way

Have you ever walked into a store and paid full price for an item blind without being able to look at it? I know I haven’t. And you shouldn’t with your website either.

Don’t ever sign on with a web developer who requires you to pay the full price for your project before they’ve even opened an application window.

It’s normal to pay a starting deposit, which is safer for you and your business. But just make sure that you’re only paying for a deposit on the project, and not the full cost.

Big Talk

One of the quickest ways schmoozer-style developers get ahold of certain business clients is by making their tech talk bigger and flashier than the websites they actually develop.

It goes with the assumption that if they’re using big techy words, they must really know a lot about the subject and can, therefore, be trusted, right?

The answer is: not necessarily.

When speaking with a web developer about your business website, it’s essential that they understand you, as well as your business and marketing needs, while you also understand their line of work and what they can offer to you and your business.

In the end, how can you know for sure what you’re getting into if you don’t really have any idea of what your developer was talking about during your conversations?

That’s why it’s best to leave the flash to the interwebs. And make sure that you understand your web developer’s talk. Otherwise, take a walk.

So, now that you know what to avoid, here’s what you actually want to find.

Someone Who Has the Right Personality

Even if your web developer will be working remotely, you still want to pick someone who fits your team’s dynamic.

Are you collectively the micromanagement type, with tight deadlines and a constant need for communication and updates? Or, do you prefer a more laid back, trust-driven process with more relaxed due dates?

Every business, and every web development project has its own unique needs and requirements.

This personality match game can make or break your business-developer relationship capabilities and chemistry.

So remember, it’s vital to choose a developer with the right personality for your team. For more information, or to begin searching for your perfect freelance software developer check this blog post –

Someone Who Can Take It Slow (If Need Be)

Before you hand someone the biggest web development project of your brand’s life, the digital heart of the company, make sure they’re really the right match for the job by assigning them a less intense, smaller-sized endeavor to begin with.

This will allow you to assess your developer skills and abilities, before actually handing them the reigns on one of your major development projects.

Someone Who’s Willing To Grow With You

In the beginning, you may be impressed with a web developer’s set of skills, but where have they gone from their basics lately?

The world and technology are always changing and evolving, and your developer should be someone who knows how and wants to grow and learn along with these changes.  Make sure to hire someone who is willing to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry, or else you’ll end up being left in the dust.

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