Choose Right Luggage Accessories: A Dispensable Step in Your Manufacturing

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Choose Right Luggage Accessories: A Dispensable Step in Your Manufacturing

A satisfactory suitcase requires the integration of several aspects derived from the joint contribution of a fashionable appearance, an appropriate capacity and a lot of user-friendly luggage accessories. Nowadays, both customers and manufacturers of luggage attach great importance to these luggage accessories, such as the trolley handle.

Some people complained that they had encountered a case where they could not collapse the telescopic trolley handle down smoothly or successfully for compact storage, or the damage of the handle due to the rough treatment from baggage handlers.


When it comes to the manufacture of a large number of trolley handles, it is often difficult for you to find a fantastic manufacturer of the luggage accessories precisely and efficiently because of the quality issue and the after-sale service issue.

So how can you select the best manufacturer to your heart content?

The first step you should do is to seek the eligible manufacturers of trolley handle which can meet your needs by searching the internet. In this occasion, you are supposed to verify the authenticity of the manufacturer. Don’t neglect the number of employees and the plant area.

Then a factory inspection should be undertaken. It’s wise for you to visit the factory in the field for the issues of the assembly line, personnel, safety, etc. Furthermore, you can have the chance to talk to the manager and the technicians to learn more about the details.

As for the extra information you need to pay attention to, the certification and equipment are crucial and indispensable for the manufacturing. It will be better if there are the ISO certification, constant temperature and humidity test equipment,handle smoothness test equipment and joint extension test equipment. Take Guangdong SUNSEN as an example. Specializing in telescopic trolley handle and rotary luggage wheels, Guangdong SUNSEN is synonymous with convenient and fashionable luggage accessories with a high standard for excellence in workmanship and quality. Equipped with the original product testing equipment, it passed the ISO9000 and obtained the high-tech enterprise certification, striving to create value for customers.

So how can you select the best manufacturer to your heart content?

It’s time to decide the suitable type of your telescopic trolley handle.

This is the next step we should do after we have identified the right manufacturer. Let’s see together the characteristics of the most common options available.

  • Plastic trolley handle: It’s relatively cheap and it has a variety of choices of colors. However, the plastics rods are always fragile and nondurable in long-term use.
  • Metal trolley handle: As the most widely used material, it is durable, wear-resistant and has a long service life. However, when we use this kind of trolley handle, there will be too many pulling frictions, and the weight is relatively heavy.
  • Wooden trolley handle: Its advantages are suitable weight and durability. At the same time, because of environmental protection, this kind of material is relatively expensive and is not so popular.

Don’t forget to test the following properties: 

  • the corrosion resistance
  • the durability
  • the smoothness
  • cold resistance and heat resistance

It’s not a coincidence that one of SUNSEN’s products can meet all these requirements. Fashionable Trolley Handle 9A01AA-B2 is a retractable aluminum case trolley handle which provides easy maneuverability when extended out from the suitcase, and stores neatly inside when not in use. It should be noted that it can be adjusted to fit for most people, designed to provide travelers comfort, functionality and reliability. Every suitcase benefits hugely from it, which is highly suited to the rigorous of modern transportation. Besides, the securely mounted (and thoroughly tested) short handle offers rugged strength for stable lifting, unlike those competing products whose the short handle is attached less securely.

It’s time to decide the suitable type of your telescopic trolley handle.

With more superior luggage accessories, come more orders for the manufacturing of luggage. So here we are and we sincerely recommend you to try SUNSEN and its luggage accessories, which will provide you with a remarkable and surprising experience.