Self-Driving Cars

Understanding the Basics of Self-Driving Cars

The future is here. The 21st century is almost 20 percent over and it has certainly come an extremely long way. On the precipice of Y2K, the world was running on dial-up internet, social networking was still done in person, and cell phones were actually just phones. Looking at the world in 2018 compared to 1999, there have been immense changes in just under 20 years. The changes in the 21st century are vast. From elementary schools to Fortune 500 companies, technology has changed the way in which everyone learns, works, and interacts. As the world progresses and continues to develop, technology will succeed in going farther than the human populace has ever imagined.

Self-driving cars are one of the newest aspects of technology that will further the human race even more. People will be given the opportunity to travel in their cars without having to do anything other than program where they are going. Cars will drive themselves, leading to greater efficiency and safer motor experiences. While there are often reports of advances in self-driving car technology, there are seemingly just as many news stories about self-driving car accidents as well. For the average consumer, it is difficult to determine where exactly society and business stands on this new technology. Understanding the basics is the first step in order to truly comprehend where self-driving cars are headed. 

The Business Behind It

While most consumers are aware that self-driving cars are on the rise, many do not know exactly how this is going to happen. While the news stories of Uber cancelling its autonomous vehicle program in some cities due to accidents have frightened some people, those who are in the know realize that this is just a minor setback before the technology really begins to take off. A myriad of auto companies is getting in on self-driving cars; BMW, GM, Ford, Volkswagen and numerous other businesses know that the future is in autonomous vehicles. While many consumers are a bit wary of the technology, these large companies know that it is the future of cars, and they will continue forward with their plans to expand.

Understanding the Effects

Self-driving cars are coming. Whether you as the consumer like it or not, in the next few decades we will all be traveling in autonomous automobiles and the art of driving will be a thing of the past. While you are now aware that this technology is here to stay, it is important to understand the effects of it. Keep in mind, while self-driving cars will be safer, there still will be accidents. People will get hurt, personal injury lawyers will still exist, and there will always be danger on the road; however, it will overall be safer once all cars are self-driving. Another effect that is certainly a positive is that people will be able to commute with free time. They will be able to relax or catch up on work as they make their way to work. Keeping all of this in the forefront of your mind is important as the world progresses forward and self-driving cars become the future.

Final Thoughts

The future is going to be a wonderful place to live in. Self-driving cars are just one of the millions of new technologies that will make their way into people’s everyday lives. Understanding the basics is the first step in truly coming to recognize how important and instrumental autonomous automobiles will be in the future.

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Eric Horowitz is a technology writer from New York. He has been in the industry for over 5 years.