Church Technology Trends

Church Technology Trends

The world is constantly progressing in a myriad of different fields. The economic, social, political, and especially technological fields are all developing and continuing to progress as the 21st century pushes forward. There are numerous technological trends that are occurring throughout our society. From the increase in smartphone purchases to the increase in life span, technology is playing an incredible role in our world. One of the technological trends that has been increasing in the past decade is in the religious field. Churches are utilizing technology at an expanding rate and they are constantly on the rise. There are many church tech trends that are pervading into religious communities. Understanding these trends is important in comprehending how churches look today and what they will look like in the future.

Digital and Physical Design

As churches continue to further envelop themselves with technology, they are becoming more and more fine-tuned. Churches have begun using apps and programs that aid in digital and physical design for churches. This is a broad field and encompasses everything from planning out church presentations, deciding on church seating arrangements, online event invitations, and so much more! As the 21st century progresses, we will continue to see technology aiding in digital and physical design elements within churches and religious communities. 

Live Streaming

Another incredible church technology trend that has aided religious communities all over the world is live streaming. As most people are already aware, live streaming is when anyone with an internet connection can tune in and watch a live event. This is of course extremely useful for churches. Churches all over the world have the ability to live stream church services, sermons, and other events in order to allow people who cannot physically attend a chance to experience church. Not only are there megachurches which have live streamed events and sermons, but medium sized and local churches have the ability to live stream their events as well.

Church Apps

One of the most prevailing entities in church technology trends in the 21st century are church apps. Church apps are smartphones apps that are utilized for a multitude of uses related to churches. There are many church apps, such as Aware3, Share Faith, and Church Base that have multiple features such as in-app donations, watching live streamed services and events, church event planning, connecting with religious leaders, and so much more! These church apps are incredibly useful for church-goers and will continue to be important as church technology trends progress.

Final Thoughts

As technology continues to become more and more relevant within civilization, church technology trends will follow suit. There are many ways in which the technological landscape of the world influences churches and religious communities, and as society continues further, we will continue to see these trends. Digital and physical design, live streaming, and church apps are just three of the major trends that are occurring within the church community. As the 21st century continues, we will continue to see church technology trends change and become more relevant to society as a whole.

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