Are the companies active in Social Networks?

by Haider Ali Khan 0

companies active in Social Networks

Citizens residing in New York are, within the European Union, those who most use messaging services through the smartphone . A study by the National Commission of Competition Markets revealed that 83% of users of these types of devices use it at least once a week.

However, email continues to dominate communications within companies , between workers and their superiors. Internal social networks are used by only 38% of companies, and instant chat services, by 53%. These are tools that in the medium term will threaten email as the first form of communication within companies.

The transfer of the email to the Smartphone, leads to a constant connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with work. This can mean the end of the traditional hierarchy , to move to a horizontal communication, where anyone can express their ideas. Internal social networks like Facebook and Instagram are a fundamental change, because they are directly related to the uses of communication and the new rhythms to which companies must operate in order to be competitive.

However, workers must live with this type of conversation during their vacations or in their free time . Therefore, the executive must acquire a role of manager, establishing a series of basic rules so that the conversations are, on the one hand, efficient, focused on the subject that he / she wants to be treated, and on the other, respectful in the schedules, in the measure as possible.

It has been confirmed that the market is not what it used to be . It is changing and evolving very quickly, and companies must do it at the same time, adapting not only their business strategies, but also their internal and external behavior . The boom that technologies are having in our time, together with an increasingly globalized and permanently connected world, will force all of us, as workers, to remain attentive and 63% believe that companies do not take advantage of the full potential of social networks.

They have become an alternative to traditional means of communication.

The last years have supposed the explosion of the social networks in the whole world. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and Instagram are just some of the examples that have revolutionized the way people communicate.

They have become an alternative to traditional media, so it is essential for companies to understand that traditional communication and marketing are not efficient in that environment. However, at the same time social networks are a very attractive space for brands, since users spend a lot of time actively in them. They have helped to interact with users, enter into conversations with them and build value for the brand.

However, although there are innumerable benefits that these can bring to the company, its bad or infrequent use can deepen in an image crisis for it.

This is why today we asked our readers: “Do you think that companies are active in social networks?” In this matter, people are clear about it. The 63% think that companies do not exploit the full potential of social networks agree, so below we present a Decalogue with the main benefits of social networks for business:

High growth potential after buy Instagram followers social networks especially Instagram have been one of the sectors that has shown the greatest growth as an information and communication medium.

Immediate results: A direct and transparent communication making it possible to evaluate in real time the different strategies that are put in place.

Facilitates segmentation: We can easily reach people with similar concerns and affinities to ours.

Highly creative: It is a means that enhances creativity, facilitating the possible vitality of our messages.

Great social coverage: Social networks increasingly reach a greater number of people with different profiles.

Strengthens the brand of the company: The brand is present in all communication that takes place in social networks.

Universal coverage: Through social networks we can be connected with anyone and wherever you want.

Power of prescription: Most people are informed through social networks before deciding to buy.