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USA funds small shipyards modernization

shipyard modernizationUSA funds small shipyards modernization, which aims improve efficiency and competitiveness. The Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) in US today open Small Shipyard Grant Program fund of 4.9 million USD for Federal support capital improvements and employee training in small US shipyards, which must help them to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. The funding is available to support the projects for capital and related improvements, equipment upgrades that foster ship construction, repair and reconfiguration at small shipyards in the country, as well as maritime training programs that improve technical skills of the employees. Small Shipyard Grant Program will fund up to 75% from the estimated improvement costs and can be applied only for US shipyards with less than 1,200 production employees. The applications for the program might be submitted until February 16, 2016 and will check and grant funding until April 18, 2016.

“American shipyards are currently producing some of the most modern and innovative vessels in the world. They’re also creating quality jobs and supporting economic growth in local communities that complement the immense economic impact of our Nation’s ports and waterways”, said Maritime Administration.

The funding also aims to stimulate the growth of the small shipyards, which are very important for the economy small towns, opening new jobs and giving work to many employees. The shipyards in USA continue to create new jobs and strengthen their local economies, after since 2009 the government granted more than 164 million USD Federal funding to them. Workers already got benefits from increased production capabilities and highly skilled workforce, which is using the modern technologies and increase capacity.

“Investments in our shipyards and American workers is critical to ensuring America’s economic growth and global competitiveness. These grants support and strengthen both local communities and our national economy”, said the US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx.

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