Facebook Launched new application called Lifestage for Video-Loving Teens
Facebook Launched new application called Lifestage for Video-Loving Teens

Facebook Launched new application called Lifestage for Video-Loving Teens

Last Friday Facebook targeted video-loving youngsters, and Snap chat, with the upcoming new iPhone app that will able teens to see clips regarding the lives of their classmates. The application called Lifestage, was recently released with no show off or display, and is available for download on iPhone, while seeing profile pictures of other users is kept for those who are 21 years old or younger.

Facebook able its young users to make short video clips to define their likes, gripes, dance styles and other different aspects of their self. Those clips are then merge together to aid as a public profile that can be seen by other Lifestage users, if they are young enough. There is also an option available to block and report older people.

“This application provide a fun way to share a visual view of a profile who you are connected to in school,” source application description on Apple App Store.

When enough students at any provided school are on the app, it becomes “unlocked”.

“When your school is unlocked, one can easily access various profiles of others in your school community so user can get to know about different mates easily and in quick fashion,” stated in description.

Lifestage users are welcome cordially to share and distribute their video clips wherever they want to share. The app comes in competition with Snapchat, which almost vanished and came back as a need for teenagers which allows users to share pictures and video clips.

Lifestage is a big step by Facebook to motivate and encourage teenagers to use this social platform to reach and stay connected with their school teen mates. The social network giant Facebook did not return and AFP request for comment.

In the start of this month, Instagram came up with some improvements straight on targeting Snapchat by letting its users to post stories that feature finally gone from Facebook.

Instagram new feature encourages people to share transient collages of every passing day, which later on ends up in moments on the application which has built its status for letting users to post highlights from their lives on artistic work.

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