Ten feature Upgrades to be available in the Apple iPhone 7 Hinted by iOS 10

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Ten feature Upgrades to be available in the Apple iPhone 7 Hinted by iOS 10

According to some news, Apple has declared the iPhone 7 release date to be 16th of September. The intro of the upcoming device is scheduled on the 7th September and it is likely that by 9th of the same month the pre-orders of the product would begin. It is expected that the new phone would resemble iPhone 6S in terms of design and build, however, the feature upgrades and the internal specifications are still not known.

Moreover, the news that leaked out in the past weeks along with the near final cut of iOS 10 pointed to several confirmed specifications and feature upgrades of the next iPhone. About 9 of these are following:

Only Touch ID fingerprint sensor unlocking available

According to Apple Inc., a new OS i.e. iOS 10 would be running the iPhone 7. The latest OS will be compatible with earlier devices including iPhone 5S. The first recipient of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor was iPhone 5S and it suggests that beginning with iOS 10, the preferred and easiest way to unlock an iPhone is certainly the ‘Touch ID’. So we would be missing “Slide to Unlock” option in the new iPhone.

Notifications are actionable now

In the successor of iOS 9, users would be capable of using notifications in a detailed and actionable manner. But iPhone 7 would-be customers won’t need to unlock the phone to trigger an action as different tweaks were applied to the Notification Alerts. These can then be viewed, from the Lock Screen, simply by swiping down on the screen area.

Alerts on Spam Calls

The upcoming iOS 10, is much smarter than its forerunner as it has the feature of tracking an incoming spam call and then notify the user, from within the new redesigned Lock Screen.

Apple Music upgrades

Another new thing is that Apple completely restyled Business and Music. According to a report form Insider, “Now it’s a lot lighter, with much more white space, bigger letters, and more prominent album art”

Siri gets improved

Siri, the personal digital assistant, also got enhanced as it will have the ability to transcribe voice mail that will be much utile for those users who like to read the received messages instead of reading them.

Customize the apps experience

The company has now, with iOS 10, provided users the opportunity of choosing third-party and non-native apps of their choice. Moreover, with the new functionality the native iOS system apps & per the latest beta version can be removed. However, the Safari and the Message app cannot be played with.

The Messaging app gets more fun

According to a report published by Business Insider, the new messaging tool will have “new animations, a bunch of sticker apps and even hidden messages with invisible ink,” so getting more friendly and eye-catching to users.

Now with OIS and Dual camera support

A dual-camera setting, a feature that is available exclusively for the phablet iPhone 7 Plus, will also be made available in the upcoming iPhone. So this will be a huge change on the hardware side. It will also be coming with a shooting upgrade. MacRumors reported while pointing to the leaked images, a hardware optimal image stabilization feature will be included in the phone. This was also provided by the company as a software solution in the iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7 gets 256GB

According to MacRumors, for the basic variant Apple will be unboxing a 256GB for completing the new 32GB storage configuration. For the middle option it will be 128GB. However, whether the 256GB edition will be limited to the jumbo iPhone 7 Plus only remains unknown yet.

iPhone 7’s Price

The next iPhone will be priced at $649 and the basic iPhone 7 Plus will be sold for $749. Moreover, these prices are for the SIM-free variants of the phone.