Kreuzenstein barge

River barge Kreuzenstein allided with pillar on Danube river in Austria

Kreuzenstein bargeThe river barge Kreuzenstein allided with pillar of the East Railway Bridge in Stadtlau Austria on Danube river. The accident happened after the barge lost propulsion power and hit the pillar with slow speed. The bridge was closed for railways for several hours before full inspection of the pillar. It was estimated the the damages are slight and not dangerous of the stability of the bridge. The The river barge Kreuzenstein, which was loaded with 500 tons of grain suffered slight damages of the hull, but without breaches and holes. The local authorities detained the river barge for full inspection and later released to resume the voyage.

The river barge Kreuzenstein has overall length of 172.00 m, moulded beam of 12.00 m and maximumd raft of 1.80 m. The barge is operating as inland dray bulk cargo transportation and has total capacity for 1900 tons.

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