6 Effective Email Marketing Campaigns to Boost Conversions

6 Effective Email Marketing Campaigns to Boost Conversions

It’s a busy world out there for brands in the online commerce space. New businesses are opening every day, and competition is heating up. Email marketing has long been one of the best ways to cut through the noise, especially when marketing automation tools are used. But what can you do when your campaigns aren’t performing as well as they should do?

Essential Email Marketing Campaigns

Don’t settle for second best. Boost the conversions from your email marketing with the following campaigns.

  • Location and time based campaigns
  • Personalised campaigns
  • User generated content campaigns
  • Urgent action campaigns
  • Social purpose campaigns
  • Evolving campaigns

Location and time based campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are a much more personal way of reaching your customers. With most people now accessing their emails on their phones, you’re essentially delivering updates from your brand directly to people’s pockets.

As a result, you need to choose the right time and the right place for your campaigns. That might differ between different audiences living in different parts of the world too, so it’s never as easy as one size fits all.

Capture your target customers in the right frame of mind, and your campaigns will deliver much stronger conversions and results.

Personalised and specific campaigns

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own story. Unsurprisingly then, everyone wants to be treated as if they’re an individual, not just as another sale for your business. Customers react best, and are more likely to go on to purchase, when they’re sent emails that are specific to them and their needs.

These days, developing personalised email marketing campaigns is easier than ever thanks to sophisticated automation tools. These allow you to take the information that your customer has been kind enough to share with you, and use it to send them information they need.

But as the ubiquitous superhero quote says, with great power comes great responsibility. So with the personal data you have about your customers, make sure you use it to send them emails that will actually help them, whether that’s help on products they’ve just bought, or deals on the products you know they’ll love.

User generated content campaigns

Creating content is time consuming, so don’t take on all the responsibility yourself. While content from brands often can cut through, more and more businesses are finding that the best way to boost conversions with their audiences is via other customers.

We all love a recommendation, and most people trust word of mouth more than any other form of marketing. So it’s never been a better time to use the vast amounts of user generated content that your loyal customers are already creating. From striking images to short-form video, the best ways to promote your products might have been made by someone else. Email marketing can deliver these messages right into your audiences’ inboxes.

Urgent action campaigns

There’s nothing worse than getting a message, looking at it, and realising that it’s too late to be helpful. Email marketing messages need to matter right now, and deliver information or offers that are useful when they will be viewed.

Unlike with other forms of marketing, email marketing allows you to choose when key messages are sent, and likely seen, by your customers. It therefore allows you to get in front of your customers’ eyeballs at just the right time. More relevant content leads to more clicks, purchases, and conversions.

Social purpose and feedback campaigns

Email marketing is a conversation, and in any conversation it can get boring if one person just talks about themselves all the time. If you constantly bombard your customers with lists of products you want them to buy, or emails demanding they come back and rescue their abandoned cart, they’ll start to switch off, disengage, and your conversions will suffer as a result.

Instead, try mixing things up with information about your brand and your social purpose, or even about your customers. You can also make any email marketing campaign more responsive by actively asking for feedback too. Customer feedback is always valuable and will always help you do better.

Evolving campaigns

Even the best email marketing campaigns will not be perfect forever. The world is constantly evolving, and the same goes for your customers. What they want and how they want to get it will change. If you see conversions for your campaigns falling, make sure you do something about it.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through A/B testing, whereby you run two different campaigns alongside one another to comparable groups of customers. You can then quickly learn what messages, pictures and deals are working best to secure those all-important sales.

There’s more competition than ever out there in the online retail space, but email marketing can be the tool that lets your brand break through the noise. Try mixing up your communications with a new email marketing campaign and you might just see the boost in sales and conversions you need.

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