SEO optimization in 2021: what is an SEO influencer?

SEO optimization in 2021: what is an SEO influencer?

As time went by, search engines such as Google have evolved from simple online instruments to complex tools that help users find precious, accurate and, why not, entertaining content. This evolution has witnessed countless online strategies employed by various sites and platforms with the single goal of marketing their content. SEO optimization is one of those tactics. As the online activity grows, these marketing tactics seem to merge, thus leading to Social Media and SEO strategies or even SEO Influencers.

Long story short, influencers are people with thousands (or even millions) of followers. In order to reach those followers, businesses collaborate with influencers, making those products or services known to that specific fanbase in an organic way.

The real power behind this online marketing strategy is the psychological side of it. Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence, wrote about six “weapons” of persuasion that can empower an influencer.

– Reciprocity. The rule of reciprocity states that we always try to return a part of what we receive. By creating valuable content, influencers enjoy a strong connection with their fans and followers.

– Consistency. Usually, people stick to the choice they make. Therefore, with a single click on the Like button, the person chooses to closely follow an influencer.

– Liking. We naturally tend to trust popular people. That’s why the followers counter can work as evidence that this person is trustworthy.

– Consensus. People are inclined to trust opinions that confirm their own or are similar. Mani millennials think that their favorite YouTube influencer understands them better than their close friends do.

-Authority. We tend to follow people that seem to know what they are doing. This works better the higher the rate of success in their life is.

– Scarcity. We’re attracted to limited or exclusive things. A lot of influencers use that to promote or sell a product (for example, a prize won by a random fan that gave a Like and commented on the video).

From this point of view, influencers are real masters in persuasion tactics. But how do they influence online marketing and how can you integrate influencer power into your  SEO optimization efforts? Discover 3 methods that work best in 2021!

SEO optimization

Link building

Backlinks are extremely important for every SEO optimization strategy. That being said you should know that not all backlink strategies can offer the best results. You need quality links, and influencers are gold from this point of view. When an influencer recommends a link, the visitors will most likely pile up.

Brand awareness

Successful influencers already know their followers’ preferences, so they are able to create quality content that has the desired impact on that specific audience. SEO optimization specialists already know that search engines are big on viral content, that’s why this content will always be at the top of the search results. When an influencer creates quality content for your brand and manages to reach the right audience, your business will gain a strong image.

Social media traffic

If you need to boost traffic on your site, social media platforms are the best tools. A great post will have quality content that resonates with the audience, gaining engagement and generating important clicks. This strategy, along with an SEO optimization effort that is planned ahead, can lead to great things for your site, boosting sales.

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