Meaningful Design Tattoos That Gives Us Everyday Strength to Handle Hurdles

Meaningful Design Tattoos That Gives Us Everyday Strength to Handle Hurdles

Tattoos are more than just a fashion trend. For many their tattoo is about hope – a motivation to wade through life. We’d have run into many people donning minimalistic, small tattoos that we assumed to be some sort of design trend. But most tattoos mean something deep to the individual donning it.

Reason for people opting meaningful tattoos:

There are several days when we find ourselves emotionally drained to function. Some days send us into a whirlwind of thoughts and keep pulling us back. Tattoos have the power to give us strength to move forward. Etching a meaningful tattoo serves as a daily reminder of your strength and helps you face rough days better.

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Meaningful tattoo ideas:

Semicolon: Would you believe that something as small as a semicolon would help people put behind their past? But yes, it works. Semicolons mean the story continues, which translates to moving forward of the pain regardless of whatever pain a person went through.

Three dots: Also known as ‘ellipses’, it refers to an unfinished journey, continuance or a slow change of thought. There is also a spiritual reasoning behind it since 3 is considered a sacred number in many religions and means different things. Avoid placing the dots in the form of triangle since there are dark meanings associated with it.

Cross: People who want to flaunt their spiritual/ religious stand get a cross tattoo. This extremely popular tattoo also has deep meanings like unconditional love, forgiveness of sins and sacrifice.

Waves: Just like how waves guide sailors to reach their destination, wave tattoo could mean something like trusting the flow, going with the flow or letting go of control.

Ampersand: It is like a symbol of broken infinity. It could mean that nothing lasts forever, union, marriage, friendship or attachment to someone special,

I am enough: This simple 3-word body-positive tattoo speaks volumes and reminds people that it is ok to live their life on their own terms.

Anchor: The anchor symbol could mean any of their uplifting messages – stay grounded, symbol of hope, a means to hold on strong when life throws challenges.

Symbolic tattoos with historical meanings:

  • Animals: Animal tattoos have its roots anchored to the tribal community. Depending on the animal inked, each tattoo conveys profound meaning.
  • Celestial: Celestial bodies like sun, moon, sky represent purity, magic, mystery, dreams, influence, fertility, sensuality etc.
  • Mythological: Custom tattoos evolved from myths and lore or Greek Gods are high in demand and have an element of mystery about them.

Use these design inspirations and get inked with a preferred design that relates to your life. When everything around seems dull, we can seek strength via ink.

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