Get an Attractive Look by Choosing the Best Kind of Body Piercing

Get an Attractive Look by Choosing the Best Kind of Body Piercing

You can see more and more people with single or multiple piercings in different areas of their bodies. With increasing popularity, some different styles and patterns attract individuals. Body piercing is an art that should be done from a safe place. If you get it done from a roadside shop, there are chances of infection as they don’t sanitize the needles that frequently. Getting piercing done from a reputable shop assures safety and hygiene.

Sideshow Tattoo And Piercing is a renowned Pacific Beach piercing shop, San Diego, California. They have the best professional artists that are picked according to their specialty and talent. All their artists are certified from the Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention and Control which makes them extremely knowledgeable and well equipped. They also provide proper knowledge on aftercare to build a strong relationship with their clients.

Different types of Piercing


Nose or nostril piercing is a traditional piercing. Initially, it was pierced on the side of one of the nostrils later the piercing was done in two places. The second piercing is the cartilage piercing which is done through the septum or between both nostrils. People go wild about the studs to be used for cartilage piercing, generally, a U-shaped ring is used. For the side piercing, a small stud is used for casual days and fancy studs are used for parties or special events.


Ear piercing is the most common piercing. All age groups love ear piercing. Men, women, kids, just love ear piercing. Girls are fond of different kinds of earrings which gives their styles a different look. Men have also started piercing their earlobes. Earlobe piercing is socially acceptable, but nowadays multiple piercing is also seen on ears. Most employers allow only one piercing.


A tongue piercing is done vertically from the upper to lower surface of the tongue. This piercing is done for aesthetic reasons, but some feel it gives pleasure during oral sex. This piercing requires a lot of aftercare because wrong metal use can damage gums and enamel. Therefore, to heal the piercing quickly, always follow your piercer’s instructions.


Nipple piercing is common among men and women. It is considered attractive. Above that, it increases sensitivity in the nipples making it more pleasurable. This piercing is slightly difficult because the nipple area is quite sensitive. If the nipples are small (men), it is harder to pierce making it slightly painful.


The piercing that was reserved only for pharaohs in Egyptian times is now common in society. It looks stunning and sexy among women who have a flat belly and also want to show off their mid-drift.


Genital piercing is common among men and women. Piercing near the genital areas or near the sex organs, increases sensation to make it more pleasurable. The common piercing for men is the tip or the base of the public bone, and the scrotum, while women prefer at the hood, clitoris, triangle, and the inner and outer labia.

Whether you’re thinking to get a piercing for the first time or you have got it done multiple times. Whenever you go for piercing, prefer a good piercing shop to avoid any infection.

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