The Most Common Symptoms of Overly Large Breasts - Know What Are They?

The Most Common Symptoms of Overly Large Breasts – Know What Are They?

Large breasts are an issue commonly seen in many women. Although breasts have different sizes and shapes as other parts, large boobs also occur due to various health conditions.

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Symptoms of heavy boobs

The following are a few common symptoms of heavy boobs that help you to know whether you need a breast reduction surgery or not.

Shoulder, back, and neck pain

If you are experiencing pain in the back, neck, or shoulder, don’t ignore it because large boobs can also be a factor in it. Moreover, the breasts will become more sensitive due to being overweight. Also, you may experience problems in postures as the muscles become weak.  A breast reduction surgery is an ideal option to manage posture and pain.

Infections or rashes

Large breasts are not only painful but also cause skin infections too. Heavy boobs entrap heat and create moisture under them. By this, skin infections or rashes will develop and makes it hard to access the region.

Lack of sensitivity

Few women report a lack of sensation over their breasts due to being overweight, while others report a lack of sensation in their hands, arms, and hands. In general, this will happen when poor posture and breast weight condense the nerve trail.

Difficulty in finding a right fit

It is overwhelming to combat the body when dressing, especially when you like to wear an outfit that is too small or too large. People with a healthy weight can consider breast reducing surgery to change their breast shape and size.

Affects life

Large breasts not only impact personal life but also professional life too. Women with heavy boobs often feel embarrassed when they notice people staring at them, but don’t worry it’s their issue, not yours.

Makes sleep less enjoyable

Having big boobs is a major problem for stomach sleepers. While sleeping, they wake up many times due to pressure over the breasts. If you want to sleep comfortably at night, place a pillow below your hips to take off the pressure over your chest.

Pain during exercise

Heavy workouts or exercises cause severe pain in the chest and back as they support your weight during physical activities. Women with heavy boobs find it hard to perform daily activities and exercises. In case you are not feeling comfortable even in your sports bra, it’s the right time to reduce your breast size.

In addition to the above, many other symptoms show you have heavy boobs, such as difficulty in breastfeeding and breathing, shoulder grooves, pain while taking off bra, headaches, and more.

Breast-reducing surgery is an ideal choice for women who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or are passionate about sports. Many clinics offer breast reduction surgery at an affordable price, choose the best one, and book an appointment today to stay and look fit.

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