Which is the Best Flooring Material for Your Balcony?

Which is the Best Flooring Material for Your Balcony?

The balcony provided in the condo is generally meant for refreshing the mind and people come here to relax their body. Therefore, extra care and also a brilliant design must be implemented in both the balcony wall as well as in the floor tiles, as it will create a beautiful look of the balcony.

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The following are a few best choices available for flooring material for your balcony:

1. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are the most popular flooring material for balcony purposes and are widely available too. They are considered to be a very durable material and are guaranteed to last forever. Being a nonporous material, it can prevent moisture absorption.

They are available in many different colors and are very easy to maintain. Main highlights of Porcelain tiles are no maintenance, easy installation, mould resistant, and long lifespan. Companies offer around 25 years of warranty on porcelain flooring.

2. Hardwood

Wood is an exotic material that will never go out of style and offer a high-end look to your balcony. They are highly resistant to water and you can also walk barefoot on them. It can also be easily installed on any existing flooring. It offers a good look to both modern and traditional homes.

Harwood tiles are highly durable and usually come with a 20 year warranty. They are also available with interlocking installation system, which makes it easy to remove and transport them if needed. These hardwood tiles are highly weather resistant and can sustain any climatic conditions.

3. Composite deck flooring

This is a kind of composite material that is made by combining vinyl and wood that simulates the appearance of real wood. It is also available in ready-to-install interlocking tiles form.

Composite deck floors are quite strong and durable and also it is a waterproof material but unlike wood, it will not expand or contract. Usually, these floors are maintenance-free and do not fade due to exposure to sunlight.

 4. Synthetic grass

If you are looking for a small green patch within your home, then go for synthetic grass on your balcony. The lush green synthetic grass can simulate the look of real grass. Often it will be difficult to differentiate between the two types of grass unless one touches it.

Synthetic grass is not fastened or glued to the balcony floor. It also has UV stabilizers that will prevent the grass to fade when exposed to sunlight. They are also available in multiple textures and shades.

The best thing about these artificial turfs is that you will not have keeping on spending money for nourishing, pruning, moving, and fertilizing the grass. Therefore you can expect to have wonderful lawn that does not require any maintenance.

These flooring options will help you transform your balconies into a truly relaxing and beautiful space. You will love to invite your friends over to your balcony to chill out with you.

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