Will Lithium Batteries Be Used As Storage For Solar Energy Systems In The Future?

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Will Lithium Batteries Be Used As Storage For Solar Energy Systems In The Future?

Many people are thinking about adding solar panels to their roofs, to save up on electric bills and use green energy where they can. Ecology and preserving the environment has become a very important thing in the past couple of years and with the advances in technology, it’s pretty easy to switch to solar-powered energy!

Unfortunately, the media doesn’t cover alternative power source topics as much as they probably should so many people still don’t know that it’s much more affordable to install a solar energy system in your home. Because this topic doesn’t attract as much attention as politics, sports, or celebrity news, people are still unaware of all the possibilities they have. If the media covered more topics that are related to stopping climate change, it would probably be much easier for us to save our planet in the long run!

Elon Musk Is One Of The Most Influential People When It Comes To Solar Energy

Elon Musk has been filling up headlines for the past decade with all his achievements in alternative power sources and his fight to make the world a better place to live. He invested everything he had in Tesla, SolarCity, and Space-X. He’s also closely connected with a few other companies such as OpenAI, NeuraLink, and The Boring Company. When we consider everything this man has done for humanity, his achievements are everything but boring.

Today, SolarCity is a subsidiary of Tesla, but the ultimate goals stayed the same. To provide sustainable energy in order to slow down climate change around the world. SolarCity has begun renting solar panels for residential use. It’s also considered the most affordable solar in the entire US with a price of just $1.49 per watt.

One of the products from Tesla that changed the game is the PowerWall and PowerWall 2. These products are meant to be used on a daily cycle which means that all the power gathered from the solar panels can be used every single day to reduce the electrical power used from the electric grid. This reduces the overall capacity the electric grid needs to provide, making a huge difference in our environment.

Currently, Tesla uses lithium-ion technology in all its products which include electric cars, PowerWalls, even the Tesla Megapack which can store up to 3kWh of energy! The Megapack is a massive lithium-ion battery charged by sustainable energy sources such as solar or wind and is used to help out the electrical grid at high-peaks.

Lithium Batteries Are The Present But Can Be Replaced By Another Type Of Battery

When it comes to batteries used for storing energy from sustainable sources, lithium-ion batteries are the most used ones in the world. The lithium-ion battery technology currently has the best cost to benefit ratio and it looks like it will stay that way for some time.

When it comes to the future of batteries that will be used as storage, there are a couple of discoveries that could replace lithium-ion, but for now, we’ll need to continue using what we have. The good thing about lithium-ion technology is that it’s still evolving even though it’s been present for a lot of time. It’s unbelievable just how much lithium batteries have improved in just a couple of years and only time will tell what kind of discoveries we’ll witness when it comes to this technology!

There are tons of information regarding lithium-ion batteries, new discoveries in this field and sustainable energy storage. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, you may be interested in checking out this site.