Most Revolutionary Sites On The Internet

by Haider Ali Khan 0

The Internet

The internet has been around for around 40 years or so now, but not as we know it now with us now being able to virtually do anything we want through the use of the internet. However, this has only been available due to a number of sites that has changed the internet forever, so we’ve created a list of the most revolutionary sites to date on the internet.

The first website that changed the landscape of the internet forever is the leader in the e-commerce marketplace world Amazon. Amazon has changed how we shop forever, with consumers now being able to get virtually anything they want from Amazon from groceries to electrical. Amazon have been the catalyst in this market and become one of the largest companies in the world due to their success. One of the best features that they have is their Amazon Prime scheme in which you get free next-day delivery and access to their movie and tv streaming service Amazon Prime Video.


The next website that changed the landscape of the internet forever has been that of Facebook. Facebook has become the most social media and if not site in the world with billions of active users still using the site daily. Facebook can be used to update your friends and/or family on what you are doing daily, selling products through the Facebook Marketplace or even used by businesses to promote their goods and services and increase traffic and sales throughout their website. Facebook can now virtually be used for anything.

Other industries that have benefitted from these types of revolutionary changes on the internet, have been online casino sites which can be found here. This is because these types of sites like Amazon and Facebook have enables paid ads on their sites to push audiences into sites like these. Because of this, we have seen a surge in numbers on these sites during recent times and can be thankful to paid ads on huge players in the internet game.

And finally, and possibly the most important out of the three on this list is that of Google. Google has basically become the internet, and everything is sourced through the use of this search engine. There is no other search engine on the web that is in the same league as Google. It has become a household name and there are over 3 billion Google searches every day. If you don’t know something, it is so easy to now “Google It” to find out the answer.

Most Revolutionary Sites On The Internet