Understand the Causes of Technostress at Workplace and Resolve It

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Understand the Causes of Technostress at Workplace and Resolve It

New technology is said to be a solution for increased productivity at work, which is not always true. As a manager, you provide your team with all the necessary communication tools. You want your team to surpass, but the new tool or app or software you provided is causing more harm.

More pressure, high expectations, and less time makes it impossible to ask your team to take training sessions to understand the new tool. Learning the software independently without help is extremely stressful. For some people, it leads to technostress associated with the use of new technology.

Stress at work is bad for your health and well-being. Constantly preoccupied with job duties can cause erratic eating habits, drinking unhealthy beverages, and no workout. This causes high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and weight issues. Mental stress can perpetuate a cynical and negative attitude that ultimately dents your overall immunity.

Anti-depressant medications are not an ideal treatment. The new natural alternative is CBD oil. You can experiment with CBD products, as it helps you get relieved from stress without causing the high. CBD stimulates the neural regeneration and neurotransmitter systems to reduce the anxiety level. At CBD Oil Solutions, you will get high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil. It offers a synergistic effect, which can keep you happy and rejuvenated all day. However, make sure to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet in your routine.

What is Technostress?

It is a negative psychology that people get troubled with when new technology is introduced at work. It is not due to a specific tool. For better understanding, there are some terms you can use to define it.

Invasion – ‘Tech is dominating my life!’

With smartphones and Wi-Fi, jobs are hardly restrained to the workplace. Technology is also invading your home, especially when you take work home. You shouldn’t be surprised if you get more stressed.

Overwork – ‘I cannot manage all these tasks!’

You may not be taking work at home, but you often get overloaded. On an average, every office employee receives more than 125 emails daily. You shouldn’t be surprised if people feel overkilled and exhausted.

Difficulty – ‘This tech is extremely complicated’

Several inexperienced employees find new tech tools needlessly complex and daunting. Every type of software is unique and there is a need to learn its jargon. You will need guidance to learn the different configurations and options.

Anxiety – If I am unable to use this tech tool, I will get fired

It is expected that the employees learn the techno tool on their own as they work without any extra training. Several employees feel that they should remain updated with the latest technology or they will get fired. It causes a sense of insecurity and performance anxiety.

Hesitation – ‘Am I using the technology correctly or not, should it work this way?’

Many employees feel hesitation and uncertainty about how their work will look like. Are they using the process correctly? Lack of confidence is a bad stressor.

Over challenged workers can overlook crucial security processes. Therefore stop searching for productivity software but take steps to use new technologies in a way to avoid technostress.

  • Assess the risk
  • Ensure that your team discusses with you directly about the new tool issues they are experiencing.
  • Encourage work boundaries like check inbox on weekends or in the evening. No response to work email outside working hours.