Dr Prabhjot Gill Online and Modern Tech Used in care of a sick individual

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Dr Prabhjot Gill Online

Every year technology undergoes major shifts in terms of providing convenience and helping us do our work faster.

In the healthcare industry, technology can help an ill or sick individuals and loved ones in the following aspects:

Caregiver Help

Caregivers are tasked with monitoring and giving sick individuals medication and treatment. They need all the help they can get, with apps and services that can buy groceries or food for them, and ones that impart important knowledge.

Online Consulations

Parents or guardians of sick children can turn to drprabgill.com for holistic medical care in the comfort of their own home. Dr. Prabhjot Gill offers private consultations, blogs, videos and more to nurse an ill child or patient back to health.

Sharing Information and Communication

Platforms that let you post updates about a sick patient’s condition and upload images or videos for friends and loved ones can be found on the internet. Some of them integrate information-sharing and calendar functionality so you’ll be alerted of important tasks or events.

Safety Monitoring

Safety monitoring has become an essential part of healthcare. You can install communication aids, door alarms, audio monitors, webcams and motion detectors so you can check the patient’s condition 24/7 and whenever you need. These products are easy to obtain thru online shopping and can be sent right on your doorstep.

Sleep and Relaxation Tech Products

Meditation and sleep aid tools can provide the patient soothing white noise or relaxing sounds. Sleep gadgets come in many forms, including noise-cancelling eaplugs, sleep sound machines, diffuser, high tech eye masks, smart pillows, mattresses and lamps.


Telemedicine is becoming a common practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Video and messaging technologies can help connect doctors to patients so they can get the help they need. Dr Prabhjot Gill offers this service through https://drprabgill.com/

Moreover, records of medication, health care providers and emergency contacts are kept in the cloud for easy access.

Chronic Care Wearables and Apps

Wearable technology and digital tools are equipped with sensors to monitor chronic symptoms. As simple as it seems, calendar apps and e-reminder apps can help a patient remember to take their medication at the right time.

Dr Prabhjot Gill

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