How to ensure that all your belongings are safe in the storage unit

by Haider Ali Khan 0

How to ensure that all your belongings are safe in the storage unit

Moving to a new place is never easy, especially when you fail to find the right place at the right time, things become even worse. In such circumstances you are left with only two options, first to lease an apartment despite not liking it or find a suitable storage unit to keep your belongings safely till the time you come across a suitable place to move. The best short distance movers suggest that choosing the second option is the wise decision as living somewhere you don’t like can make things stressing. However, we understand that hiring a storage unit comes with apprehensions in terms of safety of your belongings but be assured that professional companies take good care of all your stuff.

There are several things that you can do at your end to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your belongings while at the storage unit.

  • Choosing the best storage unit service provider: While hiring the storage unit services, don’t compromise on the reputation of the company. There is no substitute for quality, thus even if you have to pay little extra do not hesitate. Ask your friends and family to ensure that you hire the best to take care of all your belongings.
  • Choosing the right storage unit: Another thing to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your belongings is to find the right kind of storage unit. If you have belongings which are temperature sensitive then it is recommended to hire a climate and humidity-controlled storage unit, else you can go for the usual storage space. We recommend seeking the services of someone professional for space estimation.
  • Clean and pack: Before packing things to be kept at the storage unit, make sure to clean everything diligently. You may not see visible bugs in furniture items and clothes, but still, to disinfect and clean everything to leave no scope of contamination at storage units is the most appropriate thing to do.
  • Use appropriate packing material: Packing is the most crucial step, thus needs to be done very carefully. To ensure that everything goes smooth gather all the packing material in advance. Do not forget to procure cushioning material like bubble sheets and wrap it around every such item which is fragile and needs extra care.
  • Inventory: You must take an inventory of everything that you intend to keep at the storage unit. Not only it will make things easier while packing and storing, but it will also help to keep track of everything while you move out everything from the storage unit. The storage service providers will also mark the inventory, and having it beforehand will make things relatively convenient for you.
  • Dismantle everything: It is recommended to dismantle all bulky items before keeping them at storage units. Items like bookshelves, cabinets can easily be detached. This way you can store more items in less storage space and it becomes easy to carry the same from one place to another.

Packing items for placing them at storage units is never an easy task thus it is recommended to seek professional assistance both for packing as well as for deciding which and how much storage space needs to hire.