Rise of the gaming industry as a key player in the economy

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Rise of the gaming industry as a key player in the economy

With over 2,455 registered game development companies and 65,000 direct employees, the USA is at the top of the list in generating revenue from the gaming industry. As new things are happening in technology, the employment rate is expected to be doubled in the next five years.

The gaming industry can play a prime role in changing the economic conditions of any country if given proper support and attention from the public and private sectors. The gaming industry not only runs games but also spends a big chunk of their earnings into marketing. 

In the recent year, the gaming industry has made sales of more than $159 billion and expected to cross double century in the next five years. Let’s have a look at the factors that are working as the backbones of this industry. 

Smartphone games

Do you know that around 1.6 billion people use their smartphones as a tool for playing video games? More than 210 million people, which are approximately 90 percent of total gamers in the USA, play video games such as Agen poker online by using their android or IOS phones. 

These numbers are still ticking as the total smartphone users were 3.6 billion in 2019. This factor is because people have full control over time and place and they don’t have to bother about other stuff to get rid of the boring meetings or chill out while waiting for the bus or train. 

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is a new concept that has become the talk of the town in a couple of years. It’s a plan to host all the games that are developed by the giant companies or a newbie at one place. This is not to eliminate discrimination but to give an equal opportunity to the folks to compete with their Gurus. 

It’ll enable the users to play via remote servers without worrying about the local machines. You just need to send your commands back to the cloud server to get video and audio simultaneously.  

Pandemic growth

During the COVID-19, the consumption of video games has seen a 200% growth in just 2 months. As the pandemic hits the whole world and people are sitting at their homes in front of their big screens to play video games online or offline to kill their time successfully.

The Crossfire was played by 8 million users in the world and gives it a first spot in the most played games during the lockdowns. The second was Minecraft with 1.4 million players. Agen poker online was on that list too. 

The ending note

Taking things into the final destination, we can conclude that a rise in the gaming industry can change the destiny of any country if backed by the Govt. with tech-friendly policies to promote new startups in the country. 

The above mentioned are the three most important factors that have been a part of the gaming revolution throughout the whole journey. Although gamers are shifting to smartphones and cloud gaming are in the trends now but the COVID-19 has also played its role in giving this industry a peak within a few months.