4 unbelievable technological advancements in gaming

by Haider Ali Khan 0

4 unbelievable technological advancements in gaming

October 1958, that was the date when Mr. William Higinbotham invented the very first video game on this planet. He was not a developer but a Physicist who invented the first video game as a source of joy and refreshment. 

This invention had changed the perspective of the people that not every physician plays with Uranium and titanium to destroy the world. As things move on, the gaming industry evolved over the period. Games like Situs poker were totally created in a different dimension. 

A game called Spacewar was the first video game played on the computer in the year 1961, invented by Martin, Steve, and Wayne together. This game is considered as the mother of invention to all other video games that were in the market in the 70s to 90. 

  • Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming started when Nokia installed a snake game in its wireless mobile phones back in 1999. It goes hand in hand with PC as Microsoft introduces a Windows system that has changed the gaming experience. 

Then over time, Sony Ericsson added a colored game which was one of the reasons for their peak sales. It took another level when Andy Robin and his friends introduced the Android system which was later purchased by Google. 

  • Graphics quality

If talking about technical aspects, then graphics quality is measured by the image’s height and width in pixels. However, at the start when the computers were not that much advanced and had less storage, the graphics quality was also low. 

It has a lot of storage and the PCs only had storage in Kbs, not even in GBs. But nowadays, the game developers have designed such quality graphics for online and offline games that can take you into another universe. 

Games like PUBG, Leagues of the Legends, and Situs poker have the high-end graphics that will not let you in any aspects of graphics.

  • Gesture controller

Well at the start of the gaming history, there is a handle that you used to play video games and give directions to the players you’ve chosen in the game. But after some time, a joystick was invented in 1926 that allowed you to play games at home.

But things did not stop there. Nowadays, a gamer can control the moving object with the waves of his hands. A 3D camera that will control 22 different points in your hand, will allow you to enjoy the gaming experience with the natural movements of the body.  

  • Virtual reality

Virtual reality is something that has never been done or even imagined by the gaming lovers. It’s a blend of artificial environments where the user believes that whatever he is watching is real, not fake.

Normally a virtual reality is experienced with two senses, sight and sound. The user interest in VR is so high that it’s considered as the replacement of gold. 


By summing it up, we can say that the gaming world has been changing in the right direction. From the Spacewar to Virtual reality, game developers have been doing a wonderful job to give us unlimited sources of entertainment with learning attitudes.