How to Photograph Corporate Headshots and Portraits

How to Photograph Corporate Headshots and Portraits

If you’re shooting portrait photography, you’ve most likely considered entering corporate portrait photography to expand your client list. One of the great benefits of taking business photography is that a client will typically ask you to take multiple portraits in one session. This means that it is a session that pays you better.

  • What is a Headshot?

Headshot photography is an excellent market for photographers. Everyone needs a headshot, from corporate worker bees to Instagram influencers.

But what exactly is a headshot?

Corporate Headshot Photographer London to face. They provide a quick look at you and help people put a face on your name. They are generally corporate in nature, which means they are for business purposes. But the lines between business and personal life blur as our lives become more connected through social media. Professional-style headshots are being used more and more for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.


You will classically find headshots on a business website for a professional yet personal touch. Some professions, such as real estate agents or lawyers, rely heavily on headshots for marketing purposes. Actors and models need good headshots as part of their portfolios. Some companies require headshots to be included with resumes and job applications.

So who needs a headshot? Basically everyone does it!

  • Headshots vs. Portraits

Headshots are different from portraits for a couple of reasons. For one thing, they focus only on the face. Headshots generally include the head and shoulders, with full focus on the face. There are no distracting accessories or backgrounds. This does not mean that the background should be a boring background, but it does mean that the purpose of the photo should not be lost in other details.

or full-body

Portraits, on the other hand, satisfy a variety of needs. They can be either waist-up or full-body shots, and include accessories and settings of each description.

Customer perceptions play an important role here. Many people from all walks of life are looking for professional photographers to take headshots, and they have something specific in mind when they ask for it. Therefore, it is vital that the photographer take the time and talk to his client. What are they looking for exactly? What profession do you work in and how will you use the images? Is there a specific location or setting that you would like to use?

Another customer expectation is worth mentioning. Headshot sessions are faster and easier than a portrait session. They should only take a few minutes of your client’s time, whether they come to you or you to them. As such, there is the expectation of the prices of the photographs in the head. Clients will expect prices to be less than a full portrait session.

full portrait


All of these questions not only set the stage for expectations, but also make the client comfortable with the photographer. These chats always pay dividends as clients will feel more comfortable in front of your camera.

  • Reportage photography

Reportage photography, also known as photojournalist or documentary photography, means that your photographer will capture the moments as they happen naturally without any flair or posing. According to, this style of photography is all about capturing emotions and reactions, so expect your wedding photos to tell an authentic story from your day. Reportage photography may seem like the most realistic form of photography, as it does not involve posing. However, keep in mind that with this style of photography, it does not involve posing, e.g. Eg group photos of friends and family unless you ask for them. Talk to the photographer and find out if she would be happy to take group shots too if you go for this style.

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