Why Mobile Gaming Is Now The Big Fish In The Gaming Industry

Why Mobile Gaming Is Now The Big Fish In The Gaming Industry

There has been denying how popular gaming has become over the past decade, but no sub-sector in the industry has grown as much as mobile gaming over the same period. There is no doubt in how much the mobile gaming sub-sector has grown exponentially, infact, tech company NewZoo has now revealed that mobile gaming accounts for over 50% of the industry – but why has this become so popular? We investigate further.

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The main reason as to why we believe that mobile gaming has taken over the industry is due to the accessibility that they offer. Mobile gaming can be played wherever, whenever whether this be on the commute to work, in the car whilst travelling or even just at home on the sofa. This is mainly down to games on mobiles taking less time to develop, are cheaper to make, and due to them being on smartphones, they are accessible to everyone. Many don’t see mobile gaming as a form of gaming but more like a way of passing time explaining why more and more and doing it.

Until about ten years ago, there was no such thing as mobile gaming due to the technology not being there to accommodate it. Due to the advances in technology, smartphones have become considerably more powerful and therefore game developers have been able to make games in which they’ll be worthy of playing on the phone. Due to the reliance on smartphones in more recent years, the mobile gaming industry has fully ridden this wave and taken advantage of this by pushing their games to consumers.

Gaming isn’t the only industry that has benefitted from the advances in technology, in fact at maximumcasinos.com, they have also been experiencing similar growth to mobile gaming due to app developers also seeing how reliant consumers are on their smartphones and have further pushed the development of their casino apps and with more people gaming on the go, the same can go for gambling.

The final reason as why we think that mobile gaming is now the big fish in the industry is because of a certain trend in the industry called Hyper Casual Gaming. As we mentioned previously, mobile gamers use their game to pass time rather than call it gaming, and hyper casual games are perfect for this. They offer a repetitive, addictive and often a “high score” type game that is very basic but one that develops as you go through the levels. High successes of this include Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and Temple run.

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