Instead of Being Tracked, Get Paid to See Online Ads Brave Browser

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Instead of Being Tracked, Get Paid to See Online Ads Brave Browser

No one likes to get tracked on websites that actually happen quite often, and there seems to be no escape from such ads. If you are looking to get something out of those ads and would like to enjoy them, then Brave Browser is the solution.

Brendon Eich, the former CTO and co-founder of Mozilla, who also happens to be the controversial creator of JavaScript, which is a programming language, revived this old idea of paying to surf the web for his website which is Brave Browser.

Online Ads

Brave browser is a browser that takes its basis from Google Chrome, and it blocks the technologies such as tracking scripts that usually spy on your online activities. And as a result of that blocking, the ads of the web may also get blocked. If you are using the Brave browser and on that, you visit the website, no ads will be shown to you. But now, Brave also gives the option to the users to see such ads that respect the privacy of the user.

The ads appear in the form of notifications of desktop, and they will not be a replacement of the ads that got blocked in the first place. This feature will soon be available for Android and iOS, too that is currently only for desktop versions of the Brave browser. So, the ads will still not be shown through but they will be shown somewhere else on the screen. If you choose to view these ads, 70 percent of the revenue that they generate will be yours.

Data Tracking

Although the Brave browser download  looks like Google Chrome and it runs on the same technology, but the good thing about it is that it does not play a role in data tracking. Data tracking is problematic and can be alarming. Also, unwanted ads are annoying but they are a part of most of the websites that we run each day.

Brave is an excellent option in which you can get paid for watching those ads, and then you can surf your favorite websites and use that money there. The ads that are viewed converts into the cryptocurrency of Brave, which is Basic Attention Token (BAT) and they pay out monthly in your Brave wallet. As 70 percent of the generated goes to the user, the rest gets split between the advertiser and the Brave browser.

Brave Attention Tokens

Though currently, the Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) cannot get converted into any local currency, the good news is that this option will get added shortly. Meanwhile, you can still use these tokens and get yourself vouchers from online hotels and retailers. With that, you can also purchase gifts from the websites.

The information of all the ads is locally stored, and it does not share with the domains that a person visits and not even with the advertisers. Although, you can always choose to share that is totally up to you.