Home Security Tips to Teach Your Kids

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Home Security Tips to Teach Your Kids

Parents are tasked with teaching their children safety rules, such as looking before crossing streets, not talking to strangers and approaching police when they get lost outside.

When the time is right, it’s best to have them know how to keep themselves safe in their homes. Here are 3 advice you should instill in them:

How to Respond to Emergencies

It’s best to teach your young one how to act to certain emergencies, such as an earthquake, a fire or when intruders have broken in. You can conduct practice runs, like going outside or hiding under the bed or table.

Make a list of emergency numbers they can call and put it in an area where it’s easily seen. More importantly, teach them how they shouldn’t panic and how to think clearly even under pressure.

Lock the Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are the most common entry points burglars and thieves will try. More often than not, children will use doors and forget to lock them in a rush, and this can compromise your home security.

Stop for a moment and show them how to operate the latch or doorknob, and instill the habit of checking whenever they leave, get in or when they’re about to sleep.

For better results, get a CCTV equipment pointing at your windows and doors with titusalarmandcctv while teaching your children to lock after themselves and keep the windows closed when not in use.

Alarm System Operation

It’s great to have a modern security system from a reputable company such as alarm-cctv, but your family members must know how to operate them and how they work.

Some of the basic things they should know include turning the security system on and off, making sure they know the lock codes and where the cameras are pointing.

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