How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Spinal Manipulation?

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Spinal Manipulation?

Those who are suffering from back pain or neck pain often find the chiropractic treatments quite useful for them. Chiropractors are able to use many different kinds of therapies available with them besides doing spinal manipulation.

Almost like any other kind of spine specialists, NydnRehab chiropractor too performs thorough physical as well as neurological evaluation of their patient for diagnosing the actual cause of the spine-related pain of the patient.

As a matter of fact, proper diagnosis of patient’s spinal disorder will be very important before doing chiropractic treatment plan too. Few other common treatments that chiropractors may usually recommend may include:

  • Diet/nutritional counselling
  • Exercise and stretching
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Manual soft-tissue therapy
  • Spinal traction
  • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation
  • Ultrasound

What is actually spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulative therapy and spinal manipulation is exactly the same, which is a technique, where chiropractic practitioners will use either their hands or certain device for applying a controlled thrust, which is certain force of specific degree in specific direction.

All these are going to be applied to joint of patient’s spine. The force applied may vary, but the amount of thrust will move your joint more than what it would of its own.

In fact, spinal manipulation is little different from the spinal mobilization, that does not involve thrust. Also, this is performed within the natural motion range of joint and can even be controlled by patient too.

Most spinal manipulations can be done by chiropractors, although few other licensed professionals like osteopathic physicians or physical therapists can also perform such spinal manipulations.

In the USA, spinal manipulation is quite well-known therapy and considered as most common complementary treatment approaches that are used for both adults and children.

Chiropractic manipulation Techniques

Chiropractic practitioners will adapt certain treatment plans which will meet specific needs of any particular patient. Chiropractic treatment plans typically involve few forceful and also few less forceful techniques for spinal adjustment during their visit.

During the total course of treatment there can be about 6 to 10 number of visits for any typical patient. Following are two different kinds of treatments offered by chiropractor.

a. Spinal manipulation

Mostly in the chiropractic technique, the chiropractor will perform spinal manipulation, which is in fact their traditional high-velocity and low-amplitude thrust technique.

This kind of manipulation will often result in audible “pop,” because chiropractors will use only their hands in order to apply controlled sudden force on the joint while patient’s body will be positioned in certain specific way.

b. Spinal mobilization

Few conditions (like osteoporosis) the patient’s size, pathology, patient comfort, or his preference, may need little gentler approach which is normally referred to for spinal mobilization.

Besides that, few patients or clinicians may prefer a mild spinal-mobilization technique which does not involve any twisting of the patient’s body or any forceful thrust.

Whether spinal manipulation really safe?

This kind of spinal manipulation is considered relatively safe, if it is performed by any well trained as well as licensed practitioner. Few most common types of side effects due to spinal manipulation therapy are:

  • Stiffness
  • Temporary muscle soreness
  • Temporary increase in the pain.

There are serious complications like deaths due to delay in diagnosis for certain serious illnesses have also been reported with spinal manipulation, where the patients can even be a child, but such things are very rare.

Few more things to consider

1.   As per the clinical practice guideline of 2017, the experts suggested that this spinal manipulation will be recommended treatment option only for chronic lower-back pain.

2.  In order to get complete information about the right chiropractor, you need to do proper research.

3.  Before you select your chiropractor, you must do the following:

  • Ask the chiropractor about his education and licensure.
  • Discuss with the chiropractor all about your medical conditions.
  • You must ask whether the chiropractor has got any specialized training or having experience in treating your condition.
  • You need to ask tentatively how many sessions will be needed and your typical out-of-pocket expenses and insurance coverage.
  • Also, you must tell the chiropractor, which medications and dietary supplements that you are taking.
  • In case the chiropractor ever suggests any dietary supplement, then ask about all potential interactions with all your medications or any other supplements.

4. You must take full charge of your own health and talk to your own health care providers, if you are planning to go for any complementary approaches for your health treatment. Sharing all information, you may take well-informed decisions.

Lifestyle modification counselling

Your good health will be much more than any absence of such pain or any other disease. Whatever lifestyle choices that you make on your regular and daily basis will greatly affect your health on the long-term basis.

We all now aware of that, many years of your choices for small unhealthy lifestyle may over a period of time can always turn into very big health problems.

Few examples of your lifestyle choices as well as behaviours that may have negative effects for your health can be as mentioned below:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Excessive mental stress
  • Improper lifting
  • Lack of daily regular exercise
  • Over-reliance on medication
  • Poor diet
  • Poor posture
  • Smoking
  • Wrong habits

Also, your chiropractor may discuss with you about all your lifestyle choices, and try to help you for sorting through and at the same time identify your unhealthy health habits.

He may also offer you few practical strategies about how to deal with as well as how to manage all of them.

As you will be able to see eventually that, chiropractic medicine can be more than just this spinal manipulation. Since, chiropractors will use variety of modalities of treatment in order to help your body in order to heal it.

Nowadays, many people like to consult chiropractic practitioners for their spinal related problems. Even most of the hospitals too avail their services for their patients before they perform any surgical operation.

You can always find an experienced chiropractic practitioner in your city or you can visit the web to locate any suitable chiropractor for your personal treatment.

Attention! Self-treatment can delay recovery and be harmful to your health. We’re strongly recommend contacting a physical therapy specialist for safe and effective treatment. Contact NYDNRehab today for the best chiropractic treatment in NYC.


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