Examples of Blazing Instagram Marketing

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Examples of Blazing Instagram Marketing

Instagram has redefined the meaning of social sites. With a large number of people joining Instagram daily to using the same website again and again within a few seconds, Instagram has powerfully affected the people.

Amazing features like carousels, video, qualitative content, refreshment of feed within minutes has attracted a lot of people. Thus, by using Instagram, a person could become very popular by sharing his ideas, thoughts, promoting the product, etc.

The people using Instagram could gather crucial information, gain knowledge, become aware, and learn new things through Instagram. Following are the names of few people who have become very popular within a short span by using the Instagram-

Kylie Jenner

The young billionaire and the founder and owner of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner, is the world’s most famous star whose efforts have made the company popular within a short duration of time. By making the post interactive using the stories, live posts, she has made her business popular within a span of three years.

Rent the Runway

Giving updates to the customer about the product is essential to let them know about the latest trends. But sometimes this might irritate the customer as well as they have to see the same post again and again.

But using an effective way to share the same information could help one to get out of the situation. The same technique is used by the eminent fashion rental Rent the Runway. Delightful and visually appealing effects, brief caption, etc. has helped the rental to engage the customers and boomed their business by using Instagram.

International Cricket Council

Cricket is very popular across the world. People watch cricket with great charm and passion, whether it is an IPL match, twenty-twenty match, or world cup. Sometimes, many certain things out of the field also become very popular.

Recently during Cricket World Cup, the picture of Indian Captain Virat Kohli with an aged lady gained much fame and has garnered more than 1.7 million Buy Instagram likes. So, an emotion could cross all the boundaries and could win a unique position in the heart of people.


Many shoes manufacturing products are trendy, but the way of marketing the product creates a huge difference in the market. The same strategy is used by Nike while promoting his new campaign to react shoes in 2018.

The strong association built by Nike using pillows, sponges, etc. garnered a considerable number of likes because of its distinctive way of promotion. The same video showing the method of advertising is launched on Instagram and gain much fame.


To make the customers and followers permanent, it is necessary to keep the feed of social site active instead of posting a single post and attracting followers on that post only. Airbnb has worked on the same thing. The company tries hard to keep its timeline operational among its customers by updating it frequently. This strategy could prove highly beneficial for a service-based company.

Thus, the experience of the above people could be used by others to make changes in their lives and enhance the standard of their living. People could buy Instagram followers to expand their business, learn new things through Instagram.