Clothes That Are Not Suitable For Whole-Body Vibration Training

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Clothes That Are Not Suitable For Whole-Body Vibration Training

These days, working out has become a fashionable endeavour. With the rise of social media, the market for work-out clothes has gone through the roof. In fact, even those who don’t work-out wear exercise clothing just to look fashionable. That’s how big the impact of sportswear has had in the fashion industry. Now, so many people want to work out just so they can wear such clothes. However, because of such an impact, there’s confusion as to which constitutes proper work-out clothes and which do not. And for exercises such as whole-body vibration training, this is doubly important.

Unbeknownst to many people, there are garments out there that do not fit well with exercising on a vibration platform. While they may look good on you, they might actually hinder you from achieving your fitness goals. In order to avoid them, here’s a list of the most unsuitable clothes for whole-body vibration training.

Big Coats 

            Anoraks, parkas, etc—these are sportswear pieces, yes! But these big coats are suited for specific sporting activities. Unlike other garments used in other sports, big coats are unsuitable for working out. And when it comes to whole-body vibration training, you’ll limit you exercising when you wear these clothes. Sure, it’s easy to lunge or do yoga poses on your vibration machine, but when you’re wearing a big coat while you’re doing them, you’re likely to get tired more easily. And even though you’ll sweat more, it isn’t because of your adrenaline pumping, it’s because you have too many layers on you! 

Plain Underwear

            The opposite of many layers is just as bad. While it’s tempting to work out in your underwear when you’re at home, that’s not necessarily a good idea. Sure, you have your vibration plate with you at home, what’s stopping you from doing whole-body vibration training in just your underwear? For one thing, materials of underwear are rarely suitable for any exercise. Sure, there are cotton-type undergarments you can go for, but even then, it’s rare to find the perfect pair that will work well with exercising. And since you have less clothing on you, your sweat will most likely drip onto the machine, possibly damaging it.

Anything Rubber 

            The reason why you still need clothes to work out, even when doing whole-body vibration training, is to absorb your sweat during exercise. Sweat is inevitable, even when working out with a vibrating machine. If your clothes won’t absorb your sweat, they’ll likely drip onto the machine or make a mess of your work-out area, which may lead to accidents. In this regard, forego wearing anything made out of rubber while working out. In recent years, sportswear brands ahve become adventurous in offering new and exciting pieces. Some of them have gone onto make rubber-made pieces. When doing whole-body vibration training, avoid them at all costs. 

Thick Sweaters 

            Part of what makes whole-body vibration training exciting are the vibrations. They’re often ticklish, soothing, and you have to get into the rhythm in order to do the exercise right. But what if your clothes are too thick? Then it’s highly likely you might not feel the vibrations work their magic on you. When doing whole-body vibration training, you can’t wear thick anything, especially not thick sweaters. First of all, why would you wear a sweater while working out in the first place? And if your reason is the cold season, there are other polyester long-sleeve pieces that will work better for the exercise. 

Tight Dresses 

            Tight cotton dresses are becoming a huge thin in sportswear. It’s a type of garment that combines functional sportswear with a fashionable flair. And while these dresses may work for certain activities and exercises, it doesn’t for whole-body vibration training. Avoid wearing any tight dress while on a vibration plate. The tightness of the garment might block the vibrations from really getting to you. Part fo what makes this exercise unique is that it requires you to feel the vibrations and allow them to affect your entire body. but when you wear a tight dress on a vibrating machine. you’re less likely to feel them at all! 

Tailored Jackets 

            Remember that whole-body vibration training is still a mobile exercise. You can do all sorts of aerobics moves or yoga poses as you work out with a vibration plate. This means, however, that you shouldn’t wear anything too constricting. This very well excludes wearing tailored jackets while on the machine. Firstly, tailored jackets are rarely suitable for exercising anyways. But also, such garments are made for occasions which do not require you to move at all. If a piece is tailored to you, it may fit you well, but it will restrict your movements substantially. And you don’t want that when doing whole-body vibration training.  

Skinny Pants 

            In the same vein, avoid wearing skinny pants as well. Any pair that’s not made up of stretchy and breathable fabrics have no place on a vibration plate whatsoever. Just because they fit your butt well doesn’t mean you should wear them for any occasion. Going out with friends or attending a special event, go right ahead! But when exercising? Forget about it! It won’t look as good on you when you’re trying to do all sorts of moves and poses while on a vibrating machine. And the restriction will lessen your chances of actually procuring your wanted fitness results! 

Anything Denim 

            Finally, don’t get caught up with the notion that denim works for everything. Fashion-wise, they do. They fit any occasion, sometimes, even the more elegant ones. But when it comes to exercising, throw away any denim you have. They’ll just pile on the weight on you and, similarly to tight clothes and tailored pieces, will restrict your movement. Since the material is heavy, you’re less likely to feel the vibrations and its wonderful effects as you exercise on a vibration plate. And when it’s closely tailored to you, you’ll have a more difficult time doing other exercises while on the machine.

just because whole-body vibration training is easy and simple doesn’t mean you can and should wear anything when you do it. It helps if you go for stretchy pieces made out of breathable fabrics. They’re comfortable, they won’t restrict your movement, and you’ll feel all the vibrations from the machine.