Counterstrike: Global Offensive Review

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a highly competitive game. It was developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, by the original creators Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. The original game was released in the year 1999, followed by 3 more, until CSGO came into the picture. Despite being about 8 years old, it still hasn’t lost its popularity. The game consists of a lot of different modes of gameplay, but the Competitive Mode is considered the one that players always flock to.

What is CSGO Prime

What is CSGO Prime


CSGO Prime Accounts are something that was originally reserved for the people who bought CSGO before it officially went free forever in the year 2018. People who bought the game before this would automatically have the status bestowed upon them. Others could wait until they reach Level 21 or purchase it for about Rs. 1049 on Steam.

Attaining the prime status comes with a lot of benefits; it’s not just a fancy title. You almost gain immunity to hackers in the game, you get better opponents all the time, and your drop chances increase and you have an overall positive experience in this game.

CSGO Matchmaking:

The matchmaking in CSGO is quite simple to understand. You are put up against people who are either at the same level as you or in the same rank as you. Keep in mind that there are about 18 ranks.

CSGO Matchmaking:

CSGO Accounts

Everyone who starts the game anew receives a basic account which can either be upgraded to Prime. Other than these two, we also have something we call “smurf accounts” which are accounts that have attained a certain level or rank and are sold online for others to purchase and play with. You can use these accounts to make sure you get a lot better with your actual account while allowing your original account to be safe. Players can purchase accounts above their skill level or lower than their skill level. This way they can experience a wide spectrum of experiences and gameplay quality in various streams.

The max level attainable for any account is Level 40. Apart from this, there exist 18 ranks which can be attained as you progress with skill; starting from Silver I to Global Elite


If you’re an avid gamer, CSGO is the game meant for you. It’s got all kinds of elements and components, that’ll keep you up all night long! Even after countless years, CSGO still holds the position of one of the best games out there. Won’t you join the fun? An adventure awaits!

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