3 best ways to backup line Chat on Android

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3 best ways to backup line Chat on Android

As we all know that the LINE application is so popular, most people around the world are using this application for business purposes. This makes the idea of the chats and other information on the LINE application significant and should accordingly be ensured. The most ideal approach to guarantee the security of the LINE information on your Android gadget is to back up the chat and other documents.

Luckily, there are basically three different approaches for back up the LINE chats on your Android gadget and in this article, we will be showing how you can do that.

  1. Backup LINE Chat on Android Using Google Drive



Perhaps the most ideal approach to backup LINE chat on your Android gadget is utilizing Google Drive. To backup the chats with Google Drive you must have the latest LINE version 7.5.0 or later and you should have sufficient extra space on your Google Drive. With those necessities met, follow these straightforward steps back up LINE chat by using the Google Drive:

a.  First of all you need to start the LINE application on your gadget

b.  Now go to the Settings menu < Chats

c.  Click on “Backup and restore chat history” and afterward select “Back up to Google Drive”

If you don’t mind, note that a Google Drive backup of your chat messages does exclude pictures and stickers you may have sent in the LINE application. The most important thing is that you have to reinstall the application on your gadget on the off chance that you need to establish this backup.

  1. Backup LINE Chat on Android Manually


 You can likewise decide to back up the LINE chats on the gadget itself. This is regularly referred to as a manual backup. You just need to follow these basic steps to backup LINE chat on Android Manually:

  a) First, you need to connect the Android gadget to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi network should be solid and strong so that it won’t disconnect again and again and then open the LINE application on the gadget.

  b) Now go to the chat section and select the particular discussion that you need to backup. Click on the arrow at the top to go to “Chat Settings > Backup Chat History”.

  c) Choose in the event that you need to “Backup as a Text File” or “Backup All” to start the Backup.

  d) If you pick “Backup as Text File”, you will see various alternatives to share or spare the chosen LINE chat history in the following interface.

Note: On the off chance that you select “Backup All”, all the chats will be converted into a zip file that will be saved on the gadget.

  1. Bonus Tip: Backup LINE Chat on iPhone/iPad


For iPhone and iPad clients, there is clearly iCloud and iTunes. However, while the two strategies offer incredible approaches to backup and backup your LINE messages, they don’t permit you to specifically back up the chat. To do so, you need a particular backup and reestablish application that is intended to back up social in forming applications like LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat. This application is Mobile Trans, the ideal method to backup LINE messages on your iOS gadget.

Below are some of the features that make Mobile Trans – WhatsApp Transfer the most popular and simple solution.

  • It can be utilized to share LINE chats starting with one gadget then onto the next even from iOS to Android, making it the best arrangement when exchanging gadgets.
  • You can also utilize that to backup and reestablish LINE messages to your PC. The process of backup and reestablishment is simple, as we will see in the blink of an eye.
  • It underpins all iOS gadgets and a great many Android gadget.
  • It is likewise extremely simple to use with a straightforward UI that makes route and utilize exceptionally simple.

To utilize Mobile Trans to backup and backup LINE chats on iPhone or iPad, you need to follow this straightforward step;

  1. Download and introduce Mobile Trans on to your PC and afterward dispatch it. In the principle window, click on “WhatsApp Transfer” and afterward click on the “LINE” choice on the left to start the cycle. Snap “Reinforcement” to start.
  2. Now associate the iPhone or iPad to the PC utilizing USB links. When the program distinguishes the gadget, click on “Start” to start the backup process.
  3. The gadget associated with the PC until the process is finished. Contingent upon the measure of information you have on your LINE application, this process may take some time.

To reestablish the backup to a similar gadget or another gadget, follow these basic advances:

Stage 1: Connect the gadget to the PC utilizing USB links and afterward select “backup” under “LINE”

 Stage 2: Click “Start” and the backup process will start right away. By and by, keep the gadget associated with the PC until the process is finished. The LINE messages will show up on the gadget after the backup process.

The processes mentioned in this post are super safe to execute and protects all your information.


The significance of backing up your LINE chats couldn’t be more important. With the best methods above, it is very easy to back up  LINE chat and information on the gadget and re-establish a similar backup when you have to. Now you have a wide variety of methods mentioned above. So make sure to choose the best method according to your requirement to backup line chats easily. Also, the best method and software is the mobile trans that allows the easy transfer of your chats on various different platforms like android and operating system boot.

Also, these methods mentioned above are totally safe to execute and will not leak any chat or your important information. As there are many third party applications that may misuse the information. Hence the best guide that will help you to create backup of your line chats easily.

Resources link: https://mobiletrans.wondershare.com/line/back-up-line-chat.html