Virtualization vs Bare-Metal Clouds

Virtualization vs Bare-Metal Clouds

Bare metal cloud is a type of cloud service installed straight to hardware. Unlike, virtualization cloud, bare metal doesn’t need a virtual infrastructure, which could lend certain benefits to the user.

Curious as to the differences between bare-metal cloud and virtualization cloud? Here’s a side-by-side comparison below.


VMs may suffer performance issues from time to time as they get moved from one server to the next. On the other hand, bare metal cloud is stable and aren’t moved or reconfigured without your permission or request. During the move, your server’s performance may be affected, but on a bare metal cloud it’s less likely to happen.


Virtual machines run an operating software, which in itself is vulnerable to the same types of hacks, malicious scripts and exploits. In emergencies, users won’t be able to get to the VM, which may be held frozen by the company until the system admin decides to get it fixed. On a bare metal structure, you have continuous access even in the event of an attack.

Hardware Quality

Virtualization server companies may advertise that they have the latest computers, processors and storage solutions, but could be using outdated equipment and aging infrastructure that won’t hold up to network stresses and traffic. A bare metal cloud’s hardware can be verified because users have direct access to it.

Server Access

Access to a VM’s server is done through a singular interface, i.e., a hypervisor that captures and interprets every command or request. The only problem is, this causes slowdowns in terms of performance and stability. A reputable bare metal cloud server will have an actual hardware server users can access anytime they need something done. This kind of unrestricted access allows you to move faster, with hardware component information that’s freely available to interested users.

Moving from virtualization to bare-metal is a significant change in performance but with some added costs. Still, it offers better returns long-term and can even be profitable depending on your use and application.

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