How Can Explosion Proof Lighting be Beneficial for Businesses?

How Can Explosion Proof Lighting be Beneficial for Businesses?

Explosion proof lighting is installed in hazardous environments to minimize the risk of ignition and explosion. These lighting fixtures benefit businesses by prioritizing the safety of employees. A working environment with high concentrations of flammable materials should, therefore, be installed with suitable lighting fixtures.

There are two types of lighting fixtures used in hazardous areas known as intrinsically safe lighting fixtures and explosion proof fixtures. Intrinsically safe lighting fixtures cannot create a powerful spark enough to ignite a flammable material whereas explosion proof fixtures prevent the sparks from creating an external explosion.

Design of Explosion Proof Lights

An explosion proof light is designed to prevent massive explosions in hazardous locations. According to the occupational health and safety standards, explosion proof lighting should isolate potential sparks within the case to prevent explosions. The thick frame casing of the lighting fixture is made up of steel or aluminium and the lenses are tempered. The design saves potential sparks from escaping the internal case and come in contact with the flammable atmosphere.

The robust design of explosion proof lights prevents external damage and saves workers on the field. Explosion proof does not mean there will be no ignition as the sparks can be generated by any of the components in the fixture or atmosphere. The term explosion proof rather means that the fixture will contain the explosion within the casing and prevent additional external damage.

The highly durable design of explosion proof lights makes them a cost-effective method for the business with reduced maintenance requirements. The explosion proof LED lights are also vibration-proof so they can be transported easily. The lights have a longer life span as compared to the standard lighting fixtures because of greater efficiency. The LED lights have more operation time with the same cost-effective as the standard lights. However, the standard lights do not provide suitable casing to prevent sparks from creating an explosion.

Explosion proof lights have their significance in the world of business. The safety of workers comes first when deciding what equipment to choose in the working areas. Confined spaces such as tanks, pipes, and manholes are some examples where explosion proof lighting is necessary.

Moreover, combustible materials can be ignited easily by sparks generated in any electrical equipment. Lights are operated with battery or electricity which can become a major cause for sparks. The regular-duty lighting can cause accidents during standard operation in industries. Thus, explosion proof LED lights are preferred. LED lights produce less heat and save flammable particles in the entire atmosphere from ignition.

Explosion Proof Lights for Different Zones

The lights used in industries should be suitable for the working conditions. Professionals choose the right lighting source according to the zoning classifications. The zones 0,1, and 2 are allocated depending on the presence of ignitable particles. Hence, explosion proof lighting is the most effective equipment for all the zones.

Installing explosion proof lighting is the most effective investment for hazardous working environments. Nevertheless, safety precautions should also be implemented by employees working under dangerous conditions. The class, division, and zones of hazardous locations should be studied well before choosing the equipment to be used for them. Explosion proof equipment can save the workers and the environment from major loss.

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