Travel: One of The Greatest Ways to Improve Your Spanish Besides Online Courses

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Travel: One of The Greatest Ways to Improve Your Spanish Besides Online Courses

The Iberian idiom is an essential language to master to find a place in the professional world – the field of business (many international exchanges take place during the year), translation, teaching – or to be able to communicate with a large part of the world’s population.

Have you booked a trip through a travel agency or try to find a last minute trip? Everything included, you have found a cheap holiday for a dream vacation in a Spanish-speaking country: Spain with Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Seville or South America with a cap in Argentina, Perú, Mexico or Colombia?

If you want your linguistic immersion holiday to be perfect: before going abroad, take the necessary measures! If you do not speak the language of Cervantes, or even the basics of Spanish, you will have to find several strategies for communicating.

A few tips for getting started

Here are some tips to familiarize yourself with the Spanish language before you fly away for your backpacker, homestay or hotel stay:

  • Listen to Spanish: music, movies, radios,
  • Create a survival lexicon in Spanish vocabulary, in Spanish grammar, with important notions, Spanish expressions, polite expressions “por favor”, “gracias”, “lo siento”, and common expressions «hola, ¿qué tal?»,«¿Puede ayudarme?»,«¿Puede darme.. ?»,«Espere un momento »,«No entiendo »… It is perfect for the oral expression and the development of the Spanish vocabulary!
  • Choose a book that offers thematic lists: do not bother with Spanish conjugation or too complicated terms,
  • Start studying Spanish online! There are many free classes. Look for “free spanish course”, “study spanish”, “spanish course”, “learn spanish for free” or “spanish course online” on the internet!
  • Download fun applications
  • Choose a particular teacher for an intensive course before the big departure. You can also go for classes at the destination. Spanish Programs in Spain are a great chance to meet great teachers!

Spanish course: improve your Spanish on vacation

Where to go for this summer? And if you went to Andalusia or Cataluña? Your trip will not have the same flavor if you know a few words in Spanish from a native.

There is no need to master a language to travel in a country. However, it goes without saying that being able to speak a few words of a second language helps to get by on the spot. Spanish lessons in Barcelona can mix both fun and learning while being on holidays!

To ask for services, ask for a direction, to have information on a means of transport, to inquire the most beautiful beaches, to go to the discovery of some unknown places of the general public or even simple to know where to leave the night …Knowing how to speak and understand Spanish is a great asset.

So how to improve your Spanish level in a Spanish-speaking country?

You can make the choice of a language stay: a total immersion in a country of Hispanic culture will allow you to quickly get acquainted with this new language. Otherwise, you can choose a humanitarian program abroad or chaining the odd jobs in a foreign country.

You will improve much faster because you will be brought to rub shoulders daily with Spanish speakers with whom it will be necessary to be understood.

You can not leave, whether for a family trip or a romantic escape?

If you want to improve your Spanish, forget the travel sites and your dream of idleness: give yourself one way to take Spanish classes in Salamanca, Seville, Valencia or Barcelona.

Sure, it’s less attractive than Latin America, but it can be just as effective if you invest seriously!

Summer Spanish courses can be tailor-made: intensive courses, group or private lessons, conversation classes or more academic courses. The offer of language training is very varied.

Finally, if taking classes in a Spanish school or online does not interest you absolutely: go out, meet people preferably Spanish-speaking, look on the internet to find a correspondent!

Where to go to progress in Spanish?

What dream destination to choose to learn Spanish?

  • Discover Costa Rica society: one of the must-go of the Latin-American continent.

What is this tropical landscape? Philippines? Indonesia? No, it’s Costa Rica!

You are planning to schedule your departure on vacation to improve your Spanish language skills, but are you blocking on the choice of destination?

Club holidays in Spain? Full board on a paradise island? Make a trip to Spain, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile?

Travel ideas are not lacking but you can not decide.

But then which destination to choose?

  • Spain,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Mexico,
  • Argentina,
  • Ecuador
  • Chile,
  • Bolivia,
  • Cuba,
  • Peru,
  • Guatemala, etc.

You have to choose between 22 countries in the world!

We could even add the United States: 17.6% of the total population of the country is Hispanic of Latin American origin, more than 50.5 million people (2010).