MERCO Bank is expanding

MERCO Bank is expanding

Growth is needed by every business, in the stock market the most well priced companies are not priced on their sales, they are priced based on the growth numbers they show. The bigger the anticipated growth the bigger the rise in the price of the stock, so every economic sense favors growth. Similarly in business sometimes growth is needed to make services and products cheaper for everyone else. We all know that the price of a produce falls when mass produced so there is some essence in growth that all businesses get.

MERCO bank is also a business, very good one indeed and it also needs new avenues of growth to really make a mark in the world and to be called a global bank. MERCO has always tried to be the bank of people everywhere and anywhere be it the plains of London or the desert of the UK the bank has always wanted to be an expanding horizon for the customers who want to get associated with the bank. In this regard the bank has started expanding into other countries as well and taking up further licenses in already existing countries as well. ‘’

One of the growth areas that the bank has expanded to is the UK, where it has recently acquired an FCA license needed for all banks in the country to operate. The UK has a very good banking system but digital banks are rare in the country so it is a very good area of growth for MERCO. Moreover, in a regulatory sense UK licenses are one of the most stringent and difficult licenses for financial services companies to get. Many major global banks have failed in the past to get an FCA license and MERCO bank getting one is a big win for the digital banking community.

Speaking of hard stringent licensing requirements, Dubai is also another region with one of the most strict financial regulations. However, MERCO bank has also gained DFSA license from Dubai as well, this license means MERCO’s official entry into the Emirates. The bank also has gotten clearance to offer services like asset management, investment banking and credit loans as well because of the license.

As the bank expands to more and more places, it has not forgotten its core value of giving back to the community. Wherever the bank goes in whichever country the bank starts new community upliftment projects that are catering to those particular communities. It is a very important part of MERCO’s DNA. And currently the UK projects have already started before the launch while the Dubai projects are under way.

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