How many old smartphones do you have at home?

How many old smartphones do you have at home?

Remember your first, second, third mobile phone? Today you would never go back and use them, even if your current smartphone has broken down. Unfortunately, many old mobile phones are now sitting in draws, and people are asking “what can I do with them?” “Can I sell my mobile?” With the advertising costs and trouble of listing the phone on a website like Ebay or private listing, it might not be worth even bothering. And even worse, many of these phones could simply find themselves being thrown away. Everybody loses in this scenario,

Because the mobile phones that end up in landfill along with their accessories are causing them to break down and release toxic materials into the environment. At CashAphone we do everything we can to stop this from happening. Your old mobile did not become a bad mobile phone overnight; it simply cannot offer you fast internet or apps, like todays phones. Many old mobile phones can still play an important part in people lives around the world.

It seems difficult to imagine but almost no-one in the Australia had a mobile phone 20 years ago. And, those who were wealthy enough to own had to contend with handheld devices that were the size of two bricks. As mobile phones evolved people quickly learnt that these handy devices could improve their lives in a large number of ways.

In some ways, people living in the rural areas of developing countries such as china, India and Africa are in a similar situation with their communications, that we in Australia were 20 years ago. Indeed, they know that mobile phones are available yet they lack the money or accessibility to invest in one of their own.

By selling your old phone, you can help people living developing countries to improve their lives immeasurably. Instead of leaving your old mobile phone lying around and one day ending up in a landfill site, so check your draws and behind your garage and puts a good few dollars in your own pocket while helping people who will truly can benefit from them.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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